Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Season 1 Episode 4

Dale Beside Himself

Aired Unknown Mar 12, 1989 on Disney Channel



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  • Quotes

    • Dale: (seeing that Chip has mistaken Dtz for Dale) Hey, he thought you were me. And two Dales gotta be better than one.

    • Brak: (thinking Dale is Dtz) He's still in that alien form. This is very strange.
      Brik: Even for Dtz. We have to get him back to his Fleeblebroxian self.

    • (Dale is about to have a snack, but he doesn't know what to do with these weird kitchen utensils. Brik and Brak arrive with a dish).
      Brik: Here you go, Dtz.
      Brak: The best snack in the universe.
      Brik and Brak: (opening the lid) Irkburgles!

      Dale: Blech! Are you guys crazy or something? Don't you have any hot dogs?
      Brik and Brak: (Gasp)
      Brik: It's terrible. He's becoming an... an Earthling!
      Brak: We must rush him back to Fleeblebrox for treatment.
      Brik: Yes, we must!
      (Dale pokes at one of the green aliens and freaks out)
      Brak: I'm sorry it has to come to this Dtz, (taking a freeze gun out of his chef hat) but we have to freeze you before you get worse.

    • Dale: Hey, maybe you can be a Rescue Ranger.
      Dtz: What's a Rescue Ranger?
      Dale: Why that's me.
      Dtz: Neato! (transforms from a dragon and into Dale and he and the real Dale fall to the floor)
      Dale: (notices Dtz's transformation and laughs) Golly! You look just like me.

    • (Dtz transformed as a Dragon is holding Dale and roaring at Dale, once Dtz finishes Dale speaks)
      Dale: Wow, just like in the movies. Are you going to take over our planet? Are You?, Are You?, Are You?
      Dtz: Gee, no, I just want to stay here and have fun!

    • (Dale uncovers a dish of irkburgles, which causes a disguised Ditz to beginning drooling over)
      Chip: What is that stuff?
      Ditz:(As he changes back into his true form) Irkburgles!
      (He leaps on the dish, which Dale slams the cover back on while Ditz is eating the irkburgles)
      Monty: Eh, disgusting the way some people lose control.

    • Ditz (As Dale): (Chortles.) I love Comedies! (Laughing Rauciously.) I'll go make some popcorn.

    • Dale: Beam me up, Scotty.

    • Computer Voice:Space Pod Room.
      Computer Voice:You're Welcome.

    • Brak: Show yourself Immediately Dtz, or We will atomize this planet to tiny bits, because we know it's your favorite thing.
      Monty: (Gulps) We're a mite partial to it, too.
      Dtz: Don't worry Dale; They're bluffing!
      Gadget: Wait a Minute! You can't blow up this planet or You'll blow up too!
      (Brik and Brak look at each other, laugh, inflate themselves until they explode, then reform)
      Brak: We're made of unstable molecules!
      Brik: We like blowing up.
      Dtz: Maybe they're not bluffing

    • Bric: Set course for Upchuck 5!
      Brak: Why there?
      Bric: I promised the wife I'd pick some things up at the market on the way home.
      Brak: My Protounit told me there'd be days like these.

  • Notes

    • The amount of time the Rangerplane took to circle the world after Ditz's modifications suggest that it was going faster than 15,000mph! The resulting effect on Gadget's hair indicates cartoon physics as breaking the sound barrier without protection from drag is potentially fatal.

    • This episode was released on "Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers Volume One"

    • One of two episodes featured in the "Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers: Romancing the Clone" Video.

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