Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Season 2 Episode 18

Does Pavlov Ring a Bell

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 1989 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

It all starts with Chip and Dale trying to win the affections of Gadget. They all end up going on a Picnic on The Ranger Mobile, which Dale had intended for only him and Gadget. In a huff Dale refuses to share his lemonade with Chip and a fight ensues in which the lemonade soaks the battery.

The Ranger Mobile dies, and the Rangers find themselves outside a laboratory where they meet a lab rat named Sparky who has an "electric" personality, literally. Chip and Dale take an immediate dislike towards Sparky; however, Gadget becomes infatuated with him.

Gadget brings Sparky back to Ranger headquarters where she shows Sparky her inventions. Sore at being showed up by Sparky, Chip and Dale try to impress Gadget and make a huge mess. While Gadget retrieves a broom, Monty's tea kettle whistles and he leaves to check on it. However, the whistling causes Sparky to go into some sort of trance. Chip and Dale watch Sparky rip out electric wires and put them to the TV causing it to explode. When Gadget returns she blames Chip and Dale. They tell her it was Sparky, but he can't for the life remember what they are talking about.

Sparky and Gadget go to Sparky's Lab and Gadget meets Buzz the Guinea pig. Who, like Sparky, is trained and electric. Buzz shows his skills through a mini maze by motivation of a bell that Sparky activates. While Gadget watches Buzz get shocked by electric charges and smash through brick walls (never get in the way of a motivated Guinea Pig!) Chip and Dale sneak up and see the whole thing. Gadget notices that Buzz looks like he isn't even thinking and Sparky explains that the Professor had trained the two of them to act without thinking "The Professor says that thinking wastes time."

While Chip and Dale are grumbling that they could do better in that maze than Buzz, Monterey Jack catches them, and while trying to leave, trips on a nearby beaker and the guys find themselves in the electric maze. Chip and Dale, determined to impress Gadget, attempt the maze but they get shocked more times than a rookie electrician. They find themselves trapped. Then they all find out that Sparky's kindly Professor is none other than Professor Nimnal himself! Gadget, realizing that the guys have to get out of the maze before Nimnal spots them, obtains a piece of cheese and sets it at the entrance of the maze. The wafty cheese smell reaches Monterey who instinctly follows the smell through tons of shocks.

They then find out what Nimnal is up to. By modifying the behavior of the two lab animals, Nimnal can rob banks through use of sound triggers. By hearing a whistle, Sparky is programmed to turn on an alarm and Buzz, who's running a robot though his brain waves, follows the sound of the alarm.

Nimnal takes Sparky to the nearest bank and leaves him there around closing time; Chip and Dale follow him while Gadget and Monty attempt to reprogram Buzz.

Nimnal activates Sparky through the bank's answering machine by blowing a whistle over the phone. Chip And Dale attempt to stop Sparky and he starts to turn on them. It seems that they are about to be fried by electric wires when Chip pulls a picture of Gadget out of his jacket (much to Dale's displeasure) and snaps Sparky out of his trance.

Meanwhile, Gadget and Monty, who are with Buzz, arrive and Buzz gets to work. Gadget tells Sparky that Nimnal is a crook and this infuriates him. Chip and Dale decide to stop Buzz by setting off an alarm clock causing Buzz to chase them.

They run outside only to come across Nimnal. Chip throws the Alarm into Nimnal's unsuspecting hands and Buzz Chases Nimnal off into the distance.

Later at Ranger headquarters, Buzz and Sparky tell the Rangers that they got a new lab job at MIT. Gadget tells the boys that nobody could replace them. Both Chipmunks assume that she's referring to him and the episode ends with them arguing with each other.
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