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Episode /Scene confusion: please help!

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    HEY EVERYBODY. I'm new to the forum. How is everybody?

    I also had 1 of those "which episode is this?" questions. I have watched basically every ep via YouTube and I still haven't found this scene I remember vaguely. Gadget is looking up at the moonlight and says how "romantic" it looks, and Chip is next to her and says something like "huh? oh...yeah...roMANTIC", and he wants to ask her something, but then Dale jumps in the way from outta nowhere. This scene is similar to the beginning of 'Catteries not Included', but I'm positive that the dialogue and circumstances are different. I haven't finished watching 'A Chorus Crime' yet, and in 'A Wolf in Cheap Clothing', online, the ep is unfortunately missing a part. I'm also interested in acquiring the whole series when it's completely..."ported"/"ripped" (?) to dvd Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! ~Nick

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