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Favorite Ranger Centered Episode

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    If you had to pick your favorite 5 episodes that each centered on a ranger, what would they be? Here is an example:

    Chip: Seer No Evil
    Dale: The S.S. Drainpipe
    Gadget: The Case of the Cola Cult
    Monty: Love is a many Splintered Thing
    Zipper: A Fly in the Onitment

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    I agree with your picks, except for Dale, whose best was and always will be "Good Times Bat Times", hands down.

    The show creators always had an obsession to focus on one character, and sadly their target nearly always was Dale or Monty. Monty's eps. sucks big donkey balls, none of them works really, but I agree that "Love is a Many..." is at least a watchable one. Dale's eps. aren't that much better, they were very predictable and repetitive, and Dale's stupid obsessions and bad childish habits rarely entertained me. At least we had the Foxglove episode, which was a series classic, and "Double O' Chipmunk" was OK too.

    Chip had only one focused episode, "Seer No Evil", which IMO is far the best story the show offered. Too bad the creators weren't smart enough to realise this, and never touched Chip again. I don't consider his minor highlights with Tammy, Midge and Chadderhead Charlie as centered episodes, neither the Sherlock Holmes obsession.

    Gadget was a star of the show, and his stories usually stood out. "Cola Cult" was a definate top5 episode, and "Gadget Goes Hawaaian" is close too. "Dirty Rotten Diapers" is a bit of missed opportunity, it had a very promising storyline, but Gadget's over-the-top anger and horrible animation killed it. "Luck Stops Here" was OK.

    Zipper got attention 4 times, one of them stood out as a real classic, "A Fly in the Ointment", while the rest are so-so, but still better than those lacklustre Dale and Monty ones. "A Fly" is really a slapstick comedy gold, I can't believe they managed to come out with such a great ep.

    My top 5 overall:

    1. Seer No Evil
    2. Good Times, Bat Times
    3. A Fly in the Ointment
    4. Adventures in Squirrelsitting
    5. The Case of the Cola Cult
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    cola cult definatly.

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