Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Season 2 Episode 39

Good Times, Bat Times

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1990 on Disney Channel

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  • Foxglove, a very cute/ affectionate bat, falls in love with Dale. it was a great episode!!!!!

    the Rangers go to a drive-in movie. Chip is trying to have a nice date with Gadget but Dale won't allow that.
    "Gadget," Chip says "now that we have this moment to ourselves, I'd just like to say . . . what's the big idea?!

    Dale accidnetly ruins Chip's moment by blowing a huge Bubble out of Gum, which Dale pops. everyone laffs at Chip, who's covered.
    "You pop it, you wear it, Mate!" Zipper gets ditracted by a Snake=Bud and Spider=Lou. blah blah blah Rangers clean up gum while Zipper in trouble blah blah blah, they want to eat Zipper blahblah blah the Rangers try to save Zipper but the gum is too much blah Dale falling blah blah blah

    In the next scene Dale is being held by a female bat, Sale-"Thanks!"
    "You're very welcome," says the cute Bat, smitten,
    "Uh, did you get something in your eye?" he asks [cluelessly].
    Bat GAZES at him and says "Only you, big boy!" Looking down, they both see a dumpster.
    "You know," Dale tells her, "I didn't think bats could do this."
    "Do what, darling?" she asks.
    "Hang around in mid air like this when they're carrying so much weight."
    "Uh oh!" she says, worried .
    "What's the matter?"
    "We can't!"
    then they hug and fall in the dumpster, very cute except for the dumpster part.

    blah blah blah the Bat, Foxglove helps the Rangers while she stays close to Dale, which make him uncomfortable. Chip notices and is very amused with it.
    "I don't think we're the reason she hung around to help" him and Monty laff at that.

    blah blAH BLAH,the Rangers think they should go after the Snake and Spider, blah blah blah they find the Spider& Snake's list.

    "Thanks again for your help, Miss Foxglove," Dale says, in ah hurry "but we got work to do!" Chip says happily to Foxglove, knowing her crush,"Come visit anytime!" he tells her, "we'll all be glad to see you!"
    "Chip!" Dale says, annoyed
    Foxglove follows them as they leave.

    bblah blah blah the Spider and Snake work for a wanna-be Witch, Winifred, who needs the list to make a potion to give her powers blah blah blah,

    "Nice of the chief to have the annual police picnic while we spy on him!" Dale remarks while a cute face appears.
    "Hello!" Foxglove says in a friendly tone as she GAZES upon him. This causes him to fall with a "Yow!" onto Chip who is on the branch below.
    "What are you . . . ?!" Chip says annoyed then happy. "Oh."
    "Hiya, cute stuff!" Foxy says with obvious affection towards Dale.
    "Here, Dale," Chip says happy still,"look after your guest. I just remembered something I have to help Gadget with." Dale looks at Chip resentfully at first, but turns to Foxy. "Uh, hi there," he says as she embraces him.

    blah bblah blah, Monty sees soemthing blAH
    "What is it, Monterey?" Dale asks, taking advantage of the situation to get away from the unwanted affections blah blha blah, lou and Bud attack blah blah balh

    "Uh, you had better stay here, Foxglove," Dale tells her, "so I'll--I mean, so you'll be safe!" blha blha blha, they take the mayor's hair, there are bad hair puns blah blah blah Foxglove saves them when there falling from the tree blah blah blah

    Dale says something mean about Foxglove's help but Zipper stops her from flying off.

    "Zipper's right!" Monty says "if it wasn't for Foxglove 'ere, all our funny bones would be broken!"
    "She always seems to be around when we need her, all right," Gadget agrees.
    "We just happen to have the right bat bait!" Chip says as he swings Dale around into her waiting wings as she giggles a little shyly.

    while the Rangers try to fix their palen, Foxglove flies off with the list to the Witch and all. Foxglove is an unappericated worker for the Witch like Lou and Bud are.

    they get the moon rock but when the Rangers come, Foxglove wants to leave. but like the Crazy cleaning lady is scared of a couple chimpunks and mice, and fly.
    she tries to hit them with water, Foxglove tries to stop her but falls in a fountain. while Winifred tries to throw things at the Rangers her pets give her the moon rock, which she throws at them.

    "I'll get it for you, Winifred!" Foxglove says, back from her bath, to her boss "Just don't hurt him . . . uh . . . them!"
    "All right, sweetie," Winifred says nicely "you go get it for me."
    "I won't fail you!" foxglove says as she flies off.
    "See that you don't!" Winifred warns, "or I'll turn you and them into plant food!" Foxglove didn't hear that blah blah blah , Winifred apparently alone, stirring a vile concoction in a kettle afire . "It's not that I don't trust you, sweetie," she says, "I just want to make sure you're keeping your promise!" she says as she watchs the Ranger's tree.

    Dale is trying to carry the rock "Whoa there! Stop! Before you run into something!" and then "Hey!" as Foxglove's wings reach down and pick him up.
    "Hmmm. Good morning, cutie!" she says and GAZES at him again.
    "Uh, hi!" Dale answers as he grabs a small branch to lift himself up and take a seat on a limb near her, "What are you doing here?"
    Stretching her wings and giving a coy yawn, she answers him, "You might say I was just hanging around."
    "I can see that!" Dale says, appreciating the humor, "What I want to know is why you're always hangin' around!" Clueless Foxglovesits next to him "I thought perhaps a certain chipmunk might find it in his heart to invite a girl to breakfast," she says snuggling up to him despite his efforts at escape, Clueless
    "Oooooh, you don't want to eat breakfast here!" he tells her.
    "Why not?" She snuggles up to him once again, only to fall when he moves further away.
    "Well, it's Gadget's turn to cook and everything tastes like machine oil," he says.
    "So when's it your turn to cook?" she asks, vamping and batting her eyelashes.
    "Oh, I just eat!" he explains, "They won't let me cook. They're afraid I'll break too many dishes." This time when he slides away from her he comes to the end of the limb and falls with a cry to the one below.
    "Dale!" Foxy cries, as she flies over to him.
    "They think I'm clumsy or something," he continues.
    "I can't imagine where they got that idea!" she says smiling. blah blah blah, she butters him up with compilments on exercise. "Do you think I could keep the rock, Dale? You know, as a souvenir?"
    "I don't see why not!" "Because it's mine, you thick-headed little rodent!"
    Winifred comes and Foxglove is not happy about it ,Dale-"I gave it to Foxy, not you!" blha blha blha, Dale tries to stop her but him and Foxglove get swipped up by the cleaning lady just as the other come to see it.

    it's night and the witch wants Dale to give her the rock, she zaps at him,
    "You want us to eat him now, Freddie?" the excited Bud asks.
    "No!" she answers, "And don't call me Freddie!"
    She now turns her attention back to Foxglove who still has her rock. "All right, dear," she tells her, "give me my moon rock!
    "Don't do it, Foxglove!" shouts Dale, who is being held by Lou.
    "Don't be silly, you little twerp!" Winifred says to him as Foxy emerges from the vacuum holding the rock in her wings, "Haven't you realized yet that Foxglove is on my side?"
    "So that's why you were always around when she came over to clean up!" Dale says, pointing an accusing finger at Foxglove. "It was all a trick to get us to trust you!" "You don't understand!" Foxglove says "Winifred was the only friend I had until I met you and the Rescue Rangers!" blah blah blah, Winifred has powers and turns Dale into a frog, which Zipper sees.
    "You promised not to hurt him if you got your old moon rock!"
    "And I won't hurt him!" the Winifred says, "All right, boys; it's dinnertime!"
    Bud and Lou try to eat Dale blah blha blah the Rangers come, Foxglove threatens to throw a screw in Winifred's spell unless she turns Dale back into a Chimpunk.
    scared Winifred does,
    "Run, Dale!" Foxy calls to him, "Now's your chance! You know what her promises are worth!"- which is a corny line!
    "Not without you!" he tells her. "Friends just don't desert friends when there's trouble!"
    so they both get captured in a Spider Web by Lou and Bud, who are real funny. blha blah blha Rangers come,
    "Ho boy, am I glad to see you!" Foxglove says,
    "Me too!" This is Lou, looking at Zipper, who is trying to help Foxglove and Dale. Blah blah blah Zipper is chased away,
    "What now, cutie?" Foxglove asks.
    Dale and Foxglove get away, Winfred is about to attack the Rangers but Foxglove is holding Dale who is holding a screw over Winifred's potion blah blah blah, the scene is obvious.

    Winifred works as a cleaninf lady at the musem, and everything is good again.


    "Hi, Gadget. Uh, do you know where Dale is?" Chips as thinking of another interruption.
    "Foxglove's teaching him to hang glide!" Gadget says.
    "You mean, you and I are alone?" he asks, VERY happy.
    "Looks that way," she tells him as she finishes with the RW.
    Chip, very happy, takes Gadget's hand, kind of romanticly.
    "Gadget," he begins, "there's something I've been wanting to tell you . . . "
    "Gangway!" yells Dale.
    Dale grabs Chip while on a Hangglider.
    "Hey!" Chip demands, "What do you think you're doing?!!"
    "Sharing my new hobby with my best friend!" Dale tells him nicely.
    "Dale! remeber what I told you!" Foxglove yells, flying beside him.
    Dale thinks "What?" he askes innocently.
    "The glider won't carry two passengers!" she reminds him.
    the chipmunks hear that, make funy faces and fall.
    Foxglove, holding her wings together- "What a Guy"
    she then falls too.

    i like this epsiode because Foxglove is so cute!!!
    and her in love with Dale is almost as cute as Chip &Dale's crushes on Gadget.

    this was a great episode and i remember is so well thanks to
    Roy Neal Grissom.

  • Unfortunately, Foxgloves' only apperance in this show.

    This epiosde is one of my favorite, most notablely, becuase of Foxglove making her first and only appearance on the show. Ever since I first watched this episode, I always knew that Foxglove would be right for Dale since she is so affectionate and cute! They had such great chemistry in this episode (and I believe more so than Dale would be with Gadget). And Foxglove's voice (who was voiced by the late Deborah Walley who sadly passed away in 2001 due to cancer) was just perfect and loveable for her character. I wish that she appeared in other episode and maybe, ended up joining the Rescue Rangers but unfortunately, this never happened. Even though this is the only time we see Foxglove, she later became very popular with the CDRR fanbase and has been portrayed in countless fan artworks and stories. I even found a whole website dedicated to her! Foxglove has earned the legacy of being one of the most popular one time appearance characters on CDRR.