Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Season 2 Episode 12

Last Train to Cashville

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 1989 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Dale keeps staying up all night to watch television and Chip warns him that it is not a good thing to do, but Dale does it anyway and he tries to sneak back to bed in the morning after staying up all night. Chip wakes up right after Dale slips into bed and Chip tells Dale to get up and get breakfast and they were going to head out shortly. Dale is rather slow in moving.

The Rangers get to the Police Station and they see a little boy turning in a missing toy train report to the police and they know that the police don't have time for a small case like that so they take the information. All the time while they are there, Dale is sleepwalking and gets into one thing and then another without the others realizing it.

The Rangers go to the little boy's house to look for clues and they find a patch of fur near to where the train had been. Gadget checks the fur under a microscope and determines that it is mole fur and Chip knows of a mole that works for their arch nemisis, Fat Cat. While they are doing this, Dale finds a pile of laundry and hops on it to take a nap. He falls asleep and the mom comes in and puts the clothes in the washing machine. The others have to come and rescue Dale and Chip gets onto him for staying up all night again. Then while they are back in the little boy's room, Dale falls asleep again and they get sucked up into hte vacuum cleaner trying to ave him and thrown out into a garbage bin.

While they are outside, they spot the little boy's train and Fat Cat's henchmen have it and they are loading bricks on it from a construction site. They go over to try and stop them but are foiled in their attempt when Dale starts sleepwalking again and they have to rescue him.

They follow the train tracks to a pet store where Fat Cat is using as a cover so that he and his helpers can dig into the bank next door and steal the gold bars inside. They are painting the bricks from the construction site gold and plan to switch them with the real gold bars. Dale is left behind while the others go to investigate and once again Dale starts to sleepwalk and bumps into the bird cages where the others were and they fall and are trapped in one of the cages much to Fat Cat's delight. Dale wakes up and sees the others in danger and he makes a plan.

Fat Cats henchmen bring the gold out of the bank and Fat Cat throws the Rangers to a snake and calls on his men to come and watch. While they are doing that, Dale takes up some of the train tracks and places them right behind the bad guys and then he starts the train and charges for them. Zipper also helps by releasing some puppies. They chase Fat Cat and the others out of the pet store and Monteray Jack ties up the snake. The police arrive and Fat Cat and his thugs leave the scene.

The little boy gets his train back at the Police Station and Dale is excited and turns to tell the others and sees them fast asleep.