Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Season 2 Episode 41

Le Purrfect Crime

Aired Unknown Mar 19, 1990 on Disney Channel



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    • Chip: Dale, I'm sorry for what I said. You're important to the Rangers. Now put away that coffee gun before you sugar and cream us.
      Dale: I don't know what you're talking about. The name's Ram-Dale - Ram-Dale the Decaffeinator!

    • Chip: Dale, you're back!
      Dale: Forget my back, it's my head that's killing me!

    • Maltese Le Sade: Sacre bleu! Rodents!
      Ratatouille: I despise rodents!
      Monsieur Le Sewer: You are the rodent, Ratatouille.
      Ratatouille: Non, Monsieur. I am an artiste!

    • Gadget: Dale, a traitor? I won't believe it! Never in a million years! (Dale fires at them) Is it 1,000,000 A.D. already?

    • Chip: Okay, Rangers, we need a plan! Unfortunately, I didn't plan on making a plan!

    • Dale: It wasn't my fault! Tell 'em, Gadget!
      Gadget: Well, if you believe in the ethereal theory that everything happens for a reason, then it wasn't your fault. Technically, however... you're a goof-up.

  • Notes

    • This is one of those episodes that shows the importance of a particular Rescue Ranger. The Ranger of choice in this episode is Dale.

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