Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Season 1 Episode 9

Pound of the Baskervilles

Aired Unknown Apr 16, 1989 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

It starts off with the Rangers flying through a storm (this is the opening shot of the theme song by the way) While Chip is so engrossed in his Sherlock Jones story that he doesn't even notice it.

They crash land in a strange Manor, and decide to explore the place when all of a sudden they hear a howl and see a dog

being chased by a greasy looking man. This ugly nasty thing's name is Lord Howie, and it happened to be his manor that the rangers crash landed in. The dog, Mc. Duff (who's name bears a slight resemblence to Mc. Gruff...) belonged to Lord Howie's brother, Roger. Lord Howie is allergic to dogs which was how he discovered Mc. Duff's precence.

Later the rangers meet up with Mc. Duff and find out that he is there looking for his master's will. Apparently after Lord Howie's and Roger's father, Lord Baskerville, had died, The will turned up missing so Lord Howie just took ownership of the manor and kicked Roger and Mc. Duff out.

Lord Howie, furious of Mc. Duff's intrusion yet again, confronts Roger and threatens to call the dog pound. Relazing that Mc. Duff will be out of a home without that will, the rangers come up with a plan to get Lord Howie out of the manor so they can search for the will.

So when lord Howie is sleeping, (in a disturbingly short night gown I might add) Chip remembers something from a sherlock jones story and using this, the rangers pull a trick on him. With Monty and Gadget blowing the curtains , and Chip n Dale opening and closing the drawers, they convince Lord Howie that the manor is haunted.

After they think he's been scared enough, the rangers decide to go for the "Big Scare." Using flower, tape, hooks and pencils, they turn Mc. Duff into a demon ghost dog. This scared the Bejeezus out of Lord Howie who begs and pleads, "Please don't hurt me, I won't send the dog away I promise! I'll give the manor to Roger just like was written in daddy's will!" At this point Lord Howie sneezes and he realizes that a ghost dog couldn't make him sneeze and figures out that the ghost dog is really Mc. Duff!

Mc. Duff and the rangers run away, and escape into a secret passageway behind an old mirror (Which Chip had pointed out had worked in a sherlock Jone's story). Chip then says that they should look for clues because as you know secret passageways are always filled with clues (during this dialog, Lord Howie is posing in front of the trick mirror looking absolutly ridiculous)

The rangers keep looking for clues, based on Chip's knowledge of Sherlock Jones stories, and they eventually find a hidden lever that opens up into a secret room, where they discover that Lord Baskerville was in fact the writer of the Sherlock Jones stories! And that's not all they find the Will!

The rangers take the will, and walk right into the waiting hands of the sleezy Lord Howie, who attempts to burn the will. The rangers extinguish the flame by opening a window and Mc. Duff gets it back by attacking Lord Howie. The Rangers tell Mc. Duff to go get Roger while they hold onto the will.

Mc. Duff runs to Roger while Lord Howie ends up cornering the Rangers in what looks like a smoking room that has tons of stuffed animal heads. The rangers hide in these heads while Lord Howie soots everything that moves with a shotgun. This leads to a very funny sequence which the animal heads are running around the room.

Mc.Duff runs in, (with Roger slightly far behind) to find Lord Howie with a buffalo head on his shoulders. Grabbing the will he runs to find Roger, and gets nabbed by the dog catcher as soon as he gets outside, dropping the will. The Rangers spring into action and chase after the truck. Dale grabs the will and using a treebranch with help from Monteray Jack, launches himself on top of the truck and displays the will on the windshield proving that Baskeville manor and rightfully belongs to Roger and that Mc. Duff is here to stay.

To show his thanks Mc. Duff presents Chip with Lord Baskerville's final unpublished Sherlock Jones story. Saying that he would want his biggest fan to have it no matter how small he is.