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  • Boring.

    Not worth my time. I can do thirty jumping jacks and one hundred laps around the world before one episode could finish. It was so boring, i could not stand one second of it. It is lame and pitiful at the same time. I am so glad it does not air any more. That is a great miracle.
  • Bleck-even as I a kid I smelled a stinker!

    I can't stand how boring this show was. It seems like Chip N Dale were a rip off of the Pepe Le Pew skunk or those WB character squirells that always complimented one another- or was that Chip n Dale? At any rate, I never could bear a whole episode of this show. I don't what it was, the little plots were boring, I got the chipmunks confused, it really didn't seem like they did anything of consequence. Just kind of scuttled around like the rodents they were after some nebulous mystery-uh, it was torture for a 7 yo kid!
  • some good things about it.

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  • It's the mini world of crime and punishment Disney style.

    This band of two chipmunks, two mice, and a fly solved mysteries that occured in their world. Chip was the leader of the gang, Dale was the goofy one, Gadget was the engineer, and Monterey Jack was the biggest mouse. Zipper was the fly. Some of the bad guys were insects. Some of them were also mice. Who would have thought that this show would last as long as it did? I sure thought it could have lasted longer. The video game for this cartoon was fun. It is really hard to think of anything else to say about this show because it was on so long ago.
  • This short lived show was wonderful!

    Who doesn't love the quarrelsome chipmunks Chip and Dale? Who doesn't love mysteries? Who doesn't love adventure? Well if you happen to dislike these things then Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers is not for you.
    This short lived Disney series was highly entertaining. Chip, Dale, Gadget, Montery Jack, and Zipper all work together to help solve mysteries and fight crime. When there was danger you could always count on this heroic team of mice to save the day.
    If you are a fan of the Disney series Duck Tales, Tale Spin, or Darkwing Duck then you will fall in love with Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers.
  • This time squirrels fight crime and are the good guys in a cute sort of way.

    Great, another show i can remmember watching when i was just a boy, but that also left an impression on me, and i know why, it is the voice of those squirrels, it has been inprinted on my brain. This show was special to me for a couple of reasons like the very beautiful Disney studios animations, specially the backgrounds and of course, Chip and Dale who reminded me of the two looney squirrels from the early Disney animations (Maybe i am wrong and they are exactly the same squirrels with a big upgrade), and they were my favorite when i was even younger.

    Very funny and entertaining show.
  • good

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do
  • Another Disney classic!

    While still reminiscing about what was good on Disney, this one particularly comes to mind. Though this is pretty watered down for an action cartoon, it still does pretty well because of that charm Disney used to have. With some inventive and imaginative storylines like the old TMNT series relied on, this show was pretty good.
    Chip 'N Dale RR also contains some great animation, music, fun adventures, decent humor, and (while not exactly menacing) creative and developed villains. Fat Cat remains as one of Disney's most interesting cartoon villains. While the show may seem pretty quirky, especially if you've grown up, this is one classic Disney cartoon I'd easily bet you can't see just one episode of.
  • Cool show!

    This was a very nice show! I loved most of the characters, and I also loved the way that they made an action show out of ordinary chipmunks, especially ones which originally appeared in Disney sketches. The plot was great, and the villain was quite funny (I forgot his name, since I haven't seen this show for a long time). I don't know how people can find this show boring. It was packed with action and excitement! It's ANYTHING but boring!

    This show was Disney at its glory days, and it will be remembered for many generations (by me at least)
  • Part of Disney's late eighties/early nineties cartoon boom

    Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers was part of the late eighties/early nineties cartoon boom.

    This show was part of a train of cartoons that Disney had. DuckTales, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers and Tale Spin, and later on Darkwing Duck.

    However the first three took classic Disney chacters and put them in new situations, the best and probably well known example would be Tale Spin by taking Baloo the Bear, Shere Khan and Louie from the Jungle book and make Baloo a pilot, Khan a shrewd business Mogul, and Louie a care free bar owner.

    Together the three shows and later on four, entertained kids who didn't have the magical cable box {at least here in Denver where these shows were played on Channel 2} to compete against the upstart Nickleodon

  • they are a good memory of my childhood.

    They I loved that cartoons, when was a litle girl. My favorite one he was Monty. Every Day when i arrived from the school , I coudln\\\'t wait to that program began , they are a good memory of my childhood. I Really miss them.

    Please Forgive My English! I Speaks Spanish.
  • Childhood memories

    Aww.... I loved Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers when I was little. It was probably the only time you could ever understand what the two chipmunks were saying also :P . I also like Gadget, the girl mouse that the two boys were always fighting over, because she was a smart do it yourself girl who had brains. She was sort of a female model of what girls should be, not a usual damsel who would fall into a hero's hands. I think I probably like Chip the best though, I can't remember why.... Montery Jack annoyed me though.
  • I Want to remember and see more!

    Few ep (00)
  • I loved this show when i was little.

    If it was saturday morning, I would be watching this show when i was a kid. I loved Chip and Dale. Even monty and the fly were great. Gadget was okay she could be annoying at times. I even thought the bad guys were cute. they were bad but not totally evil like other cartoons i watched. It was more of a kid friendly and super funny show. I loved how it had chip and dale getting into trouble. Okay mostly chip was bad and dale woudl have to bale him out. This show will always be a classic to me.
  • A disney classic

    Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers is a childhood favorite of mine, and I still watch the re-runs when I get the chance. The story is about two chipmunks Chip and Dale two mice, Gadget and Monty, and a fly named zipper who live in their tree house Headquarters. They battle all sorts of villains like Fat Cat, and Professor Nimnul. The show was short lived but it is one of Disney’s best.
  • OH MY GOD!!!! Who could ever forget this show? Not me. :'-)

    This show was like so cute, this has always been part of my childhood. I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Some Times, Some Crimes...

    What a great show! I am a big fan of Chip and Dale. That is why I love this show so much. And those bad guys were great! Especially the Fat Cat and Professor Norton Nimnul! There were several shows I watched after school when I was just a kid. This is one of them. I can still remember all the words to their theme song. I even find myself singing it sometimes. LOL! I would like to get some of these old shows and rewatch them sometime. I don't even know if they have them anywhere. Well I would reccomend this show to anyone. :) Its one of my personal Favs from growing up.
  • This show was awsome..........

    Before Chip and Dale were just normal chipmunks.Who would cause trouble with other Disney Character.Well mostly Donald.But now they have their own show.Which is ruescue ranger! Where Chip and Dale joined by Monty Jack,Zipper,and Gadget together solving crime and stopping evil vilians from atempting to take over the world and stuff.When I first saw the show.I believed the first episode I saw was with Fat Cat.I thought that this show was cool.I mean I had watched all the episodes.I wished they bring more new episodes of this.
  • One of my favourite shows when I was young - and it still is today...

    Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers is one of the best cartoons that Disney has ever produced. Although only 65 episodes were made – thanks to a stupid Disney rule, it remains one of my favourite television shows today.

    The episodes were simple: a crime was committed and it was up to the five Rescue Rangers – Chip (the chipmunk leader), Dale (the daft chipmunk), Gadget (the sexy mouse inventor), Monterey Jack (the cheese-loving Aussie mouse) and Zipper (the fly who’s best buddies with Jack) – to solve the case.

    I have recently ordered the first two volumes of the series, and will enjoy them when they arrive, and will order the third and final one when it comes out – hopefully soon.

    One I would definitely recommend to anyone who has never seen it...
  • I miss this show:(

    Oh, the memories of watching cartoons like this and Gummi bears. This was one of the best cartoons ever. It made me laugh everytime. I wish they would bring them back and also some more older cartoons.Wait I take it back I would never leave the front of the tv.
  • This was one of Disney's greatest shows great show ever made. I used to watched this when I was a kid.

    Rescue Rangers was one of the best disney shows in the old days. I use to come home from school and watch the show immediately when it comes on. I don't care what yamata dragon and other people say about this series, this show rocks. Man, I missed this cartoon along with Ducktales, Darkwing, Talespin, Mighty Ducks, and Goof Troop. Good show! You younger kids should watch! Really, I'm serious! The show is wicked! It has two chipmunks and mice who fights crime. This is better than the crap they show on Disney nowaday. CHIP! CHIP! CHIP! CHIP! CHIP! DAAAAAAAAAALE!!!! RESCUE RANGERS!
  • It was a great show.

    Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers is one of my favorite shows. It had a good plot. Abunch of rodents sort of saving the world. Two chipmunks named chip'n'dale. And two mice named monter ray jack, and gadget. and a fly name zipper. The evil villian was usnally fat cat. It was a good show to watch
  • This time Chip and Dale aren't pestering Donald Duck.

    A very cool show from Disney. Chip and Dale are best known for giving Donald Duck a bad day. This time, we see them in another role. They actually help others for a change. With their cute whiny voices we follow their adventures. It's funny, exciting and good for the kids. A perfect family affair. Animation should be fun, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers are the answer. This show is a kind of show that you watch if you want to have a good time. It's light hearted tone give it a watchable feeling. You don't have to take it seriously, you can just relax and enjoy the show.
  • A decent show for kids.

    I can't believe the show only lasted one season. I remember watching it in the mid 90's and I have to say that it was fairly entertaining. I didn't like the fact that one always abused the other. It got really annoying when they would fight non-stop for an entire episode. It was funny at first, but then it became just okay. My favorite aspects of the show had to be where they chipmunks would have to rescue anyone who needed to be rescued. Who would think of chipmunks being heroes? Overall, this was a decent show and should have lasted more than just one season. Thank you.
  • I'm part of a whole generation who grew up on these after-school cartoons. This was back when cartoons were good (now it's all anime and those crudely animated feverishly paced hyper cartoons they have now).

    I recently got Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers on DVD recently from Netflix. Talk about childhood nostalgia. I am not going to go say that this was some fine example of the Culture of Western Civilization. But it is a cute cartoon. It's not corny or ridiculous (like Ducktales) - The kind you watch when you're an adult and wonder how the heck do you ever like this show?! But still it's cute. The animation is pretty good. The storylines are good. And the incomparable Jim Cummings (the man of a thousand cartoon characters voices) is very good. Fat Cat, as an underground master criminal, is quite amusing.
  • the second disney show after Ducktales, not quite as good, but still a solid cartoon with good characters besides Chip'n Dale themselves.

    It was fun.
    Ducktales and this show were my childhood favorites, I grew up with them.
    They went on pretty good capers.
    Monterey Jack, Gadget, Zipper, Fat Cat, and Professor Nimbul were very intersting outside characters of the Mickey Mouse world.
    Can you believe that these rodents can do much more than a half-ass job?

    Shows like this and many other awesome ones (Mickey, Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry) have been knocked the air to make room for new shows. (was fun while it lasted)
    Sigh, we're just gonna have to accept the fact that Disney, Cartoon Network, Kids WB, 4KIDS TV, and Nickelodeon have to make room for terrific shows like:

    Kim Possible
    Scooby Doo
    Pet Alien
    Butt Ugly Martians
    The Cramp Twins
    Kaput and Zosky
    Power Rangers: Ninja Storm
    Da Boom Crew
    Martin Mystery
    Digimon: Digital Monsters
    Brandy and Mr.Whiskers
    Yogi Bear
    The Buzz on Maggie
    Ed, Edd, and Eddy
    Sitting Ducks
    Totally Spies
    Big 0
    Dave the Barbarian
    My Dad the Rockstar
    Lizzie McGuire
    Codename: Kids Next Door
    Even Stevens
    Drake and Josh
    My Life as a Teenage Robot
    The Proud Family
    Atomic Betty
    Ultimate Muscle: the Kinnikum Legacy
    PB, J, and Otter
    Xiaolin Showdown
    American Dragon: Jake Long
    The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
    Kirby: Right Back At Ya!
    !Mucha Lucha!
    Sagwa the Siamese Cat
    The P.J.s
    Noah Knows Best
    The Oblongs
    Phil of the Future
    Sabrina: the Animated Series
    The Book of Pooh
    Cyborg 009
    Mike, Lu, and Og
    The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
    Lilo and Stitch
    Zoey 101
    The Nick Cannon Show
    Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi
    The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
    Robot Chicken
    Oh Yeah Cartoons!
    Sheep in the Big City
    The Wild Thornberrys
    Fighting Foodons
    The Tick
    Angela Anaconda
    Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island
    F-Zero: GP Legend
    Corneil and Bernie
    Rescue Heroes
    Power Rangers: SPD
    Kenny the Shark
    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
    Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century
    Quack Pack
    Home Movies
    Zoey 101
    The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries
    Zatch Bell
    Danny Phantom
    Krypto the Superdog
    Private Eye Princess
    Beavis and Butthead
    Jungle Cubs
    The Ultimate Book of Spells
    Ozzy and Drix
    Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
    Sabrina the Teenage Witch
    Jonhhy Test
    Caitlin's Way
    Shaman King
    The Mighty Ducks
    Go Diego Go!
    Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids
    The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss
    King of the Hill
    Men in Black
    Shorties Watching Shorties
    Mew Mew Power
    Card Captors
    Power Rangers: Dino Thunder
    Yakkity Yak
    The Amanda Show
    Time Squad
    Mummies Alive
    The Wiggles
    Action League Now!
    Courage the Cowardly Dog
    Naturally, Sadie
    The Life and Times of Juniper Lee
    Dragon Booster
    The Brothers Garcia
    All Grown Up
    Archie's Weird Mysteries
    Huckleberry Hound
    Pepper Ann
    Keenan and Kel
    Super Duper Sumos
    Gary the Rat
    Maya and Miguel
    Sabrina's Secret Life
    Toad Patrol
    Megas XLR
    101 Dalmations
    Rolie, Polie, and Olie
    Blue's Clues
    Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo
    The Winx Club
    Disney's Doug
    Baby Looney Tunes
    Mega Man Battle Network: NT Warrior
    All That!
    Postcards from Buster
    Donkey Kong Country
    Cousin Skeeter
    Magical DoReMi
    Rave Master
    The Legend of Tarzan
    As Told By Ginger
    Higglytown Heroes
    Kong: The Animated Series
    The Journey of Allen Strange
    Lloyd in Space
    Alien Racers
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
    Schnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation
    Life with Louie
    Sister, Sister
    The Venture Brothers
    Super Duper Sumos
    Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?
    The Backyardigans
    Dora the Explorer
    Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
    The Powerpuff Girls
    Sonic Underground
    Teamo Supremo
    Barney the Dinosaur
    The Weekenders
    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
    Yugi-Oh GX
    The Amanda Show
    What's New Scooby Doo?
    Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!
    Code Lyoko
    and The Fairly Oddparents

    Screw these shows I grow to dislike, I want my favorites back.
  • Disney repents for DuckTales.

    As if to repent for the lassiez-faire Reagan fest of DuckTales--where every single ep focused on acquiring more conspicuous wealth--Disney grabbed onto the early-'90s zeitgeist and released a 180.

    The Rescue Rangers aren't about the big deals and bling, the heaps of gold to swim through. Now those things are our enemies, as the first war in Iraq bogs down, the economy hits recession, and the Clintons loom on the horizon.

    No, no, now we care about the little people! The people who are lost! The people who need a safety net. The people who, if you will, "slip through the cracks."

    Who are Chip n' Dale's enemies but precisely people like Scrooge McDuck? Who the heck is Fat Cat but rather Scrooge seen from afar and below?
  • Look up and you'll see it!

    This show is without a doubt a pure classic Disney cartoon. I still totally remember watching like the first episode. I loved this show, just like everybody else, how could you not?! The evolution of the chip and dale characters was totally believable and undoubtedly lovable. Amazingly awesome show!! Still miss it :D
  • From the Disney Afternoon

    Personally the best of the cartoon during the run of the Disney Afternoon. The show gave new depth to the classic charaters: Chip and Dale. My favorites were Dale, Gadget, and Zipper. Dale usually provided the humor which set him apart from the others. Zipper because, how many famous flies are out there. If you liked disney's late 80's early 90's brand of cartoon comedy then you can't get better than The Rescue Rangers.
  • Rescue Rangers, to the Rescue!!!...Join Chip, Dale, Monty, Gadget and Zipper, the Rescue Rangers to save the day. They fight evil villains, help the innocent and have fun. From Disney, this series is a classic and a must watch for everyone.

    I remember watching this series when I was a little kid and gosh, I still remember the adventures of Chip, Dale and the rest of the gang. My personal favorite character is Gadget Hackwrench and well, I always like the love triangle between the squirrels and Gadget. I also loved the well written stories, great animation, appealing characters and well, in summary, this series must be watched if you want to spend a great day, just like the days I remembered in my childhood. Rescue Rangers to the RESCUE!!
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