Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Disney Channel (ended 1990)





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  • One of Disney's best cartoons. Easily.

    I can't believe I haven't reviewed this show yet! It's only one of my all time favorite Disney shows! Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers is easily in my top 3 greatest Disney cartoons along with Kim Possible and Darkwing Duck. It's story just rocked, and it starred Chip n' Dale, two of my favorite Mickey Mouse group characters. It also had a really good theme.

    Chip and Dale themselves in this show have their own distinct personalities. Chip dresses like Indiana Jones and has a serious attitude, while Dale is bit more dumb and clumsy and dresses like someone from Hawaii Five-O. This was really cool, since before they were pretty similar except for the noses. And they have a team in this show. Gadget was the smart, attractive and sometimes naive mouse that both Chip and Dale have the hots for, Montery Jack was the tough Australian with a strong liking for food, and Zipper was quiet, but he let his actions do all the talking for him. All five of these characters were cool.

    Many of the episodes were really cool too. Stuff like helping a mummy, a secret agent role-playing adventure, fighting pi-rats (rat pirates) and helping a bunch of animals in distress. There was just so much adventure in this show. Not all of the episdoes were good, but it was only a few. I also liked how they showed guns in Rescue Rangers, like Darkwing Duck and Talespin, they were used quite often, but the scenes with them are pretty lighthearted, so it isn't too much of a bad message for kids. It's too bad Disney Channel can't take risks by showing things like that in cartoons anymore.

    Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers is definately something worth checking out. A good story, cool characters, and many adventerous episodes add up to an incredible show. I highly recommend it.
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