Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Unknown Oct 20, 1989 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Dale is playing a video game that Gadget is fixing when they see a robot cat that has just been built. The man turns it on and tells it to catch a mouse and it starts after Monteray Jack. Zipper brings Monteray a spring and Monteray puts the spring in the mechanical cat's mouth and runs. Chip tries to lasso the off switch on the back of the cat and misses and gets the tail instead. Dale sees the cat coming towards him and runs from the video game and the cat trips on the cord and is buried under a bunch of junk and it gets turned off. The man throws the cat out and Dale and Gadget think they can reprogram it to like mice and be friendly. Chip is doubtful but agrees to take it with them.

They get the cat back to Ranger Headquarters and Gadget inserts Dale's video game cartridge in it and the cat becomes a friendly feline and Dale names him Tom. Tom would like to have some fur so the Rangers and Tom go on a search for some fur to put on him.

Meanwhile, Fat Cat is reprimanding his lackies for their failure to capture a priceless fish for him. He decides to try and get it personally. They enter the house but are chased away by Butch the bulldog. The little boy, Freddy, is wanting a cat but his Dad says that they can't have one because it will try and eat the fish and he is allergic to cats.

Fat Cat finds Tom and has an idea. He promises to get him some fur if he comes with them. Fat Cat takes Tom and has his lackies get another video game cartridge that is really violent. They come back with one and he puts it in Tom and he is transformed. Fat Cat orders Tom to get the fish for him and Tom leaves to do so.

Tom enters the house and chases Butch off and gets the fish. He returns to Fat Cat with the fish and Fat Cat orders him to go outside and stand guard. Meanwhile, the Rescue Rangers are searching for Tom and they find Butch who has been ordered by his master to find the fish. Butch fills the Rangers in on what has happened and they know that Fat Cat is behind it all. They tell Butch to bring his master to a fish cannery and they head there themselves.

The Rangers find Tom on guard duty and they approach him only to be attacked. Dale and Gadget jump down to try and switch him off, but they find that Fat Cat has taken the switch off of Tom. Tom is about to pounce on Dale and Gadget ejects the cartridge in him and he stops. The other Rangers go inside and while Fat Cat and the others are distracted, they pour the fish down the drain and escape. They get in the Ranger plane and Dale inserts his old cartridge in Tom and they go off in search of the fish.

Butch brings his master and Freddy and he spots the Rangers in the sewer and he knows that must be where the fish is and he points it out and Freddy goes down into the sewer since he is the only one of them that will fit through the grate. Freddy sees the fish and starts to run after it on the pipes and Dale and Tom see him and know that he is in danger. The Dad sees the cat and thinks that it's after Freddy until he sees Tom save Freddy. The other Rangers rescue the fish and Tom falls into the water saving Freddy and Freddy gets him out. The Rangers push the fish to Tom and they don't see it and they think Tom saved Freddy and the fish.

Later in his room, Freddy is sad that the mechanical cat got short circuited in the water but Tom comes bounding in with fur and it turns out that the fur is his Dad's toupee and the Dad is glad that his son has Tom to make him happy and he's not allergic to this cat.