Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Season 2 Episode 22

Seer No Evil

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1989 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The Rescue Rangers are at a carnival when they encounter a fortune-telling Gypsy moth named Cassandra, whom Monty met on his travels. Chip is sceptical of the whole idea of fortune-telling, but the others are curious to know what the future has in store for them. Cassandra, flying round the light bulb she uses as a crystal ball, foresees that Monty will get a pink fur coat, Gadget will meet a tall dark stranger and Dale will fly. On hearing the last prediction, Chip says this proves Cassandra is a fake.

Gadget then asks Cassandra if she can see anything for Chip and the moth has another look into the light bulb. Suddenly, Cassandra goes into a trance and says that, during the course of the night, Chip will see a two-tailed bear dancing with a tiger, fall from a circle of light and be saved by a flying horse, walk under an elephant and be killed by the falling trunk. But Chip still won't believe her, even after his friends' predictions start coming true.

First up is Monty, who, just as Chip is muttering about Cassandra's "baloney", has a cheese attack (brought on by a pizza topping) and falls into a nearby cotton candy machine. When he emerges, it looks as though he is wearing a pink fur coat. Chip, however, thinks Cassandra just "got lucky". Moments later, he and Dale are arguing over which of them is going to play a thimble toss game when a monkey named Abbadabba (the tall dark stranger from Gadget's prediction) brushes past. Dale ends up with a thimble jammed on his paw.

Abbadabba belongs to a carny named Quigley, who runs a dart booth. Quigley is using a magnet to make sure all the darts hit the bullseye; this magnet also attracts the thimble on Dale's paw and makes it look as though he is flying. Moments later, the Rangers see Quigley handing a two-tailed teddy bear to a father and son who have just been playing the dart booth. Chip, recognising Abbadabba's tail, quickly realises the Rangers have another case.

The Rangers trail the father and son to their apartment building, arriving just in time to see Abbadabba "dancing" with the boy's stuffed tiger. Shucking the teddy bear disguise, Abbadabba heads for the family's safe as the Rangers give chase. As the monkey clings to the light fitting, Chip grabs hold of his tail and Zipper flies at him. But Abbadabba swats Zipper away and he hits the light switch, producing the circle of light. With a flick of his tail, Abbadabba sends Chip flying out of the window. The other Rangers save Chip by using an umbrella with a horse's head for a handle as a parachute.

Later, back at the carnival, Gadget overhears Spinelli and Kirby questioning Quigley about a string of robberies. Quigley denies knowing anything, but, as soon as the police have gone, he tells Abbadabba that it is time to make their getaway. Gadget realises Abbadabba was behind the other robberies and hurries to tell the others. They are at Cassandra's tent, where she has just confirmed what she said earlier. Chip, it seems, will be dead by sunrise.

The Rangers follow Quigley and Abbadabba to their trailer, where they see the two crooks stuffing loot into several teddy bears. Then, Quigley and Abbadabba leave and head for a nearby funhouse, which has an elephant in a clown's costume balanced over the entrance. Chip is about to follow Quigley and Abbadabba when Monty stops him and tells him he is getting too close to the elephant for comfort. So Chip stays outside with Zipper while Monty, Dale and Gadget follow Quigley and Abbadabba.

In the funhouse, Monty accidentally triggers a jet of air and sends Dale flying for the second time that night. Dale sees Quigley and Abbadabba on the other side of the wall and, since the Rangers don't have time to make it through the maze, they elect to fly over on the jets of air - with a little help from a comedy skeleton.

The Rangers land in the treasure chest Quigley is using to hide his loot. Abbadabba grabs Dale and Gadget and Monty tries to get away, only to fall into one of the teddy bears. All three rodents end up imprisoned in the chest, while Quigley and Abbadabba prepare to make their getaway.

Meanwhile, Chip begins to fear that his friends may be in trouble and decides to risk his life in order to help them. He makes it past the elephant without incident and enters the funhouse to search for the others but is unable to find them. Unaware that Chip is directly below them, Monty, Dale and Gadget push the trunk they are imprisoned in over the edge, hoping the fall will break the lock.

Zipper frees Monty, Dale and Gadget - and pulls Chip's hat out from under the trunk. The Rangers realise to their horror that Cassandra didn't mean an elephant's trunk; instead, she meant elephant, then trunk. They may have just killed their own leader and both Gadget and Dale start to cry as Monty comforts the former. Just then, however, they hear Chip's voice saying that he will "never go to a fortune teller again".

Monty pushes the trunk aside and, to everyone's relief, Chip emerges alive, having ducked into a hole in the floorboards at the last moment. Reunited, the Rangers lure Quigley and Abbadabba onto the jets of air, which Chip triggers to send the loot shooting out of the funhouse. Later, the Rangers watch from under the elephant as Quigley and Abbadabba are arrested.