Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Season 2 Episode 14

The Case of the Cola Cult

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 1989 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The Rangers are testing the Rangermobile that Gadget had built and it goes out of control. They wind up in a warehouse and the thing crashes. They are attacked at first by some mice that are throwing bottle caps and a big mouse names Bubbles. An older mouse named Poptop stops them and introduces himself and the others as members of the Cola Cult. He takes them to their meeting area and they see that a bunch of mice are enjoying the Koo Koo Cola from the warehouse and they also see that the members give up their valuables to be "fizzed" so that they give up the troubles of their lives to be members of the cult. The Rangers excuse themselves and go back to headquarters.

One of the cult members named Melvyn comes to Ranger Headquarters and tries to tell them that something is wrong and just then, one of Gadgets inventions goes a little haywire and causes a commotion and Melvyn disappears. The Rangers get on Gadget's Gyromobile to go to the warehouse and investigate and try and find Melvyn. They get there and the Gyromobile stops and they get out. Someone rolls a bunch of bottles at them and then the same one loosens a bolt on the Gyromobile. The Rangers get on board and use it to escape the bottles. It gets to the beams on the roof and falls apart. Gadget thinks that all her inventions are failures now.

The Rangers get to Headquarters and the next day Gadget tells them that she is quitting. They try and make her stay but Melvyn shows up and passes out. Gadget tells them to tend to Melvyn and she leaves. Gadget comes across Poptop and some of the other cult members and they invite her to join the cult. Gaget gives up her tools to be "fizzed" and still feels like she doesn't belong.

Meanwhile, the other Rangers come looking for her and get captured by Bubbles and his thugs. They get "fizzed" and are lowered into a room underneath where all the valuables have been put and then Bubbles comes in with Gadget and Poptop. It was Bubbles who is behind the theft of all the valuables and also the one that loosened the bolt on the Gyromobile. Everyone is captured except Gadget and Bubbles figures that she won't return.

The Rangers, Melvyn, and Poptop are put in bottles and are about to be drowned in soda when Gadget arrives in her new and improved Gyromobile and she defeats the thugs that Bubbles sends to stop her. She then frees the others and defeats Bubbles with her new invention. The other members are shown that Bubbles is nothing more than a thug and crook and Gadget tells Poptop that they don't need a cult to get together. The other Rangers are glad that Gadget has her confidence back and that she belongs with the Rangers
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