Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Season 2 Episode 14

The Case of the Cola Cult

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 1989 on Disney Channel

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  • Come along, you belong! Feel the fizz of Coo-Koo Cola!!!

    While I have mentioned before that Dale is my most favorite Ranger, Gadget would probably come up next. Gadget has a prominent role in this episode, and it definitely shows that she is a very important member of the Rescue Rangers, and without her, the Rangers are nothing. I mean, who would be there to invent all those great inventions and Ranger vechiles? Speaking of Ranger vechiles, here we are introduced the Rangermobile and Gyromobile (later the Gyrotank which only appears in this episode). I would like to note that in the very beginning of the episode when seeing the Rangers giving the Rangermobile a test run, I find it amusing that Gadget looks like as if she is an adrenaline junkie as she wildly drives the vechile erratically! Here, Gadget loses her confidence after her Gyromobibile fails and almost gets the Rangers killed, while they were trying to investigate a scam at the Cola Cult. Gadget is so upset that she leaves the Rangers and wanders aimlessly, lost and depressed. But later she finds out that her invention was sabotaged by Bubbles (even Dale found that name ridiculous), the villian who is behind to Cola Cult scam. Thus, she regains her confidence, and builds the Gyrotank to expose and finish off Bubble's scam once and for all. This is some of the few episodes that shows that Gadget can get real tough! This episode would definitely be a favorite for Gadget fans! Go Gadget!