Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Season 2 Episode 7

The Luck Stops Here

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 1989 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The Rangers are testing out a new invention by Gadget. It's a diving suit and as she is testing it in the fountain, a man dumps some change in the water and she comes up to avoid the coins. It seems the man is trying to make some good luck. He comes across a black cat and panics and creates mayhem. The briefcase he is carrying lands in the water and Gadget gets shut inside and the man grabs it before the others can do anything about it. Monteray has Zipper follow the man while they gather clues.

The man returns to his office and Zipper flies in and frees Gadget from the briefcase. They see the man come in and learn that his name is Clyde Cosgrove and he is an inventor of kitchen appliances. He seems to think that he is having a lot of bad luck lately since none of his inventions work and he calls on his cat, Kismet, to come and give him a little good luck. It doesn't work and Clyde goes away frustrated.Gadget tries to help fix some of the inventions and Kismet doesn't like it. She tries to get to Gadget and Clyde rushes in and finds Gadget first and sees that one of his machines is working and now he thinks that Gadget is good luck. He leaves again and Gadget gets out and Kismet catches her and Gadget learns that Kismet has been messing up the inventions on purpose to make Clyde keep her around for luck. Gadget explains that if Clyde can't get an invention to work, he will be thrown out on the street and Kismet will go with him. She agrees to let Gadget fix the Meal-O-Matic and Gadget starts.

Meanwhile, the other Rangers have found the clue they needed and they take off to find Gadget. Gadget has gotten the Meal-O-Matic partially fixed when Kismet jumps up and gets angry with Gadget and accidentally activates the machine. It throws Kismet out and grabs Gadget and she is about to fall to the ground when the others show up in the nick of time and catch her.

The movers come to take the machine to the show and Mr. Gribbish tells Clyde that the machine has to work or he will be thrown out onto the street. Gadget feels that she has to help him so they fly to the show. They arrive and Gadget is trying to figure out a way to get Clyde to fix the machine himself so he can get his confidence back when Kismet shows up and traps the others and chases Gadget up to the rafters. Clyde comes in and sees Gadget in trouble. He fixes his machine and activates it and it rescues Gadget. Clyde realizes that he fixed it on his own without any luck and it is taken out to the show where it wins first prize.