Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers

Season 1 Episode 11

Three Men and a Booby

Aired Unknown Apr 30, 1989 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

This episode starts off with the rangers buying some groceries at the supermarket... how they are paying for them is anybody's guess, perhaps there is a small checkout counter for rodents somewhere. anyway... while hiding from the store manager in a carton of eggs, chip and dale meet mrs. Booby (great name... for a kid's cartoon show...) Who is looking for her baby booby egg who was eggnapped (try saying that five times fast!) She tells this whole sordid tale of following the eggnappers to the city, and she somehow ends up in the grocery store. Chip and Dale agree to go and find this egg, and some how, and It's not pointed out just how they do it, track down the eggnapper, who is this distirbenly eggshaped freak named Dumpty. He is an apparent egg collector and is obsessed with eggs. So much so, he has two hawks that watch over his mansion and protects the eggs. I have to say that the two hawks were very well drawn and animated. Anyway, they try to get inside and steal the egg but that sets off the alarm and the rescue rangers have to run back to headquiarters with only the Baby Booby egg. Mrs. Booby however gets captured by the obsessed egg man. So they head back to headquarters where gadget has to build a secret weapon that would get them into the mansion to save Mrs. Booby. During which the guys, Montey, Chip, Dale, and Zipper, must take care of the booby egg. After a day the egg hatches and the guys need to get it food which leads to a hilarous segment in which Chip and Dale go worm hunting and Dale accidently bags Chip. Soonafter, the Rangers storm the mansion in an easterbasket shaped tank. and they rescue Mrs. Booby, using Dumpty's love of eggs as a distraction, they run to the egg room where they stop the hawks by sucking them into a vaccum as we know can be done with all birds. Then Chip gets the brilliant idea of turning up the heat causing all the eggs in the collection to come back to life and hatch. (those are really tough birds!) Leaving Dumpty to wail shmelessly as the Rangers make their escape and another mission completed.
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