CHiPs (1983)

Season 1 Episode 6

Baby Food

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 27, 1977 on NBC

Episode Recap

From CHiPs Online: Ponch and Jon see a baby food truck lose its load and then head back to Central to wait for a call. While everyone's in the briefing, Ponch makes faces in the door's window. When the briefing ends, they watch soaps on the TV in the briefing room. Getraer tells them to leave.

On their way to Ponch's trailer, they encounter a car fire. Jon saves a dog and Ponch gets his uniform dirty. While Ponch plans to put on shorts and a "Keep On Truckin" shirt and visit his neighbor, he knocks the phone off the hook. Getraer tries to contact them to tell them that the baby food was contaminated with botulism but can't get through.

Later, Ponch's neighbor hits on Jon. On the way back to Central, Ponch and Jon look for the missing baby food boxes. When they leave the Golden State Freeway, they find Mrs. Downey coming up the exit ramp. Ponch help her and turns her car around for her.

While they ride to Central, they remember the school bus they saw along the road. An APB is sent out and Ponch, Jon, and Barclay are sent out to look for the bus. Ponch and Jon find it and can't get a helicopter to get the baby to a hospital. Because traffic is tied up, Jon carries the baby on his motor to a waiting Ghostbusters-like ambulance. The baby turns out to be fine.