CHiPs (1983)

Season 5 Episode 16

Battle of the Bands

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

At a local beach, a gang of bikers flattens tires on cars nearby. While having a break, Ponch, Jon and Baricza are talking about Ponch's performance with his band the night before. Meanwhile, the bikers break into a van and steal two guitars and some microphones. The parking brake on the van is released and starts rolling down the hill. It finally crashes onto the beach, and Ponch and Jon chase the bikers into the theme.

They chase the bikers through a nearby neighborhood, until they lose them at a pier back at the beach. Jon and Ponch speak with "Snow Pink," the owner of the van, who also has a band. They promise to try to get her equipment back. At Central, the rave reviews about Ponch's performance continue. Turner comes in with Snow's microphones, wires cut and broken.

Jon and Ponch visit Snow at her brother's club, where she's performing. They give her the news about her microphones and meet her brother, Duke, who seems to have a chip on his shoulder. He's not crazy about punk rockers, and tries to eliminate a group called "Pain" (the biker gang) from the venue. Snow convinces him to keep them on, out of fairness. While at home, Trasher, leader of Pain, goes bizerk from hearing the news about making the show.

While patrolling solo, Ponch sees what looks like vandalism on an SUV. He finds that it is a woman who's trying to repair a tire slashed by Trasher's gang, and helps her repair it. Later, Jon and Ponch go to a musician's clothing store to look around for something that Ponch can wear at his next performance. In the locker room at Central, Grossie makes a fool of himself explaining and showing the crew the differences between punk rockers and new-wavers and the way they dance.

On the top of a building in town, Pain is hanging out, playing with the stolen guitars. Ponch and Jon arrive on the street below. Trasher throws the guitar into traffic, causing an accident, and Jon and Ponch chase. They lose one of the bikers when he hides in his home, then the others when they escape over a barb wire fence. At Central, the crew discusses what makes suburban kids troublemakers, and Ponch tells Jon that he's having his last show.

At the club, Jon tries to convince Duke to get more security, since the number of punkers attending the show later could cause a riot. At one of their homes, Pain is practicing, and then Trasher announces his plan to get the crowd riled up so they can trash the club.

Later at the club, bands perform, while Pain trashes the restroom. Afterwards, they go into the crowd and start slam dancing. Duke stops Trasher and tries to throw him out, but his friends hold him at knifepoint. They lock the doors to the club, and then begin to perform. During the performance, they begin to destroy the stage. Jon arrives and tries to get in. Inside, things are getting out of hand, as people in the crowd are slam dancing and attacking each other.

Jon finally makes his way into the club by breaking a glass door. He finds Duke tied up in the restroom. At the end of Pain's performance, it has become an all out riot. LAPD arrives to provide riot control. Jon gets on stage to try to talk some sense into the crowd, who concedes with what he has to say. Outside, Pain is trying to escape, but Trasher tries to ditch his friends to get away on the only motorcycle himself. Ponch, still on duty, arrives on his motor to stop him.

Trasher crashes, and his motorcycle is leaking gas. He lights a lighter and holds it to the gas, threatening to blow up him and Ponch. Ponch simply blows out the lighter, and Trasher realizes it's over. Ponch later performs at the show as the final act, singing "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang. The show ends with freeze frames of everyone's reaction as Duke announces the winner of the show…..Snow Pink, his sister.
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