CHiPs (1983)

Season 6 Episode 19

Fun House

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 1983 on NBC

Episode Recap

From CHiPs Online: Some college kids are hanging a banner off a bridge when they cause a major car accident and fall into manure. Ponch and Bobby arrive and send them to Central with Webster. Meanwhile, Bruce is doing the job of a crossing guard. An 8-year-old girl who is being stalked by a mysterious woman.

Back at Central, Getraer smells something and finds the college kids. He finds out that they're members of Delta Delta Tau, his old college fraternity, and agrees to look into campus thefts for which they're being blamed.

Across town, Bruce gets a picture from the girl. As the girl walks home, the mysterious woman convinces the girl, Lindsey, to ride with her. A few blocks away, Ponch and Bobby pull over the DDT's in van. They pull it over and find three stolen electric typewriters in the back which the DDT's insist they knew nothing about.

Back at Central, Bruce talks to Lindsey's mom and tries to figure out where Lindsey is. Later, Ponch and Bobby are searching DDT's house and start to believe they really were set up. Bruce and Kathy go out to the local toy shop, Cartoon Junction, looking for the woman Bruce saw near Lindsey's school. They manage to get a name.

At the college, Ponch and Bruce spot a van near the lab and decide to chase it. The van hits a car and starts a fire. Ponch gets the woman out of the car seconds before it explodes. Later, Ponch and Bruce are searching the rented house of the kidnapper. They find a doctor's appointment card. Back at Central, they talk with her doctor, Dr. Joyce Brothers, and find out that she lost a child and kidnapped Lindsey as a replacement. Ponch realizes they might be headed for Mexico and goes after them with some help from the Mexican authorities. Meanwhile, Getraer, Bobby, Grossie, and Kathy search the DDT house for the virus canister...which is being used out back as a hammer!

Near the Mexican border, Bruce is reunited with Lindsey and gives her a big hug while Ponch chases the kidnapper to a cliff. He manages to convince her not to jump to her death. Back on campus, the DDT's are playing tug-of-war. Ponch, Bobby, and Bruce search for the virus canister. When one of the guilty brothers from another frat admits he stole it, they arrest them and go look for the canister. Ponch grabs it just before it would be smashed open.

Back at Central, the DDT's give Getraer their winning check for $5000 as a donation to the CHP charity, the Children's Liver Foundation.