CHiPs (1983)

Season 6 Episode 15

Journey to a Spacecraft

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 1983 on NBC

Episode Recap

From CHiPs Online: As we join the show, everyone's watching the space shuttle Columbia launch. Meanwhile, someone on a motorcycle is kidnapping Mrs. Birdwing's dog. Ponch and Bobby hear the screams for help and chase the motorcycle rider. He jumps a fence and escapes.

At Central, Ponch and Bobby are assigned to the dognapping. Bruce is assigned to help out. Ponch and Bobby stop by a sick kid's house who says he heard people planning to steal a dog. The kid, Kevin, needs a liver transplant and has less than a month to live.

After leaving his house, Ponch and Bobby meet Bruce at an old motel. They find their motorcycle rider and chase after him. Ponch and Bruce manage to get him to stop by forcing him to crash into a pond.

Later, Ponch goes with Kevin to the observatory while Bruce entertains Mrs. Birdwing at Central. While Kathy is dog hunting, Kevin is running away from home. After getting a ride with a trucker friend, he tries to get another ride from another trucker friend but can't contact him. When he moves on, he leaves his medicine behind.

While Ponch, Bobby, and Bruce go looking for Kevin, Kathy, Webster, Grossie, and the dog's owner bust the dognappers. Meanwhile, Kevin and his CB friend head south on a motorcycle. When the "chopper" gets a flat, he contacts another CB friend. At Kevin's house, Ponch, Bobby, and Bruce figure out where he's headed...the shuttle landing. As they head out, they find out that someone died and a donor liver is available. They have to get him to the hospital in just a few hours.

At the shuttle landing, Ponch, Bobby, and Bruce are looking for Kevin with the help of the NASA security chief. Later, Ponch asks for the help of Col. Gordon Cooper and has him ask Kevin to come meet him at the press building. After he meets Col. Cooper, Ponch carries him off to a helicopter so he can go to the hospital for his transplant. After the operation, everything's fine and he's getting better.

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