CHiPs (1983)

Season 2 Episode 15

Mait Team

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 1979 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Jon and Ponch investigate when Sindy is blamed for a major accident which leaves her unconscious and 11 people dead.

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  • One of the best

    I loved this episode of CHiPs. I have to admit that CHiPs season 2 is my favorite. Probably because it features Brianne Leary as Sindy Cahill. She's my fave female CHiPs officer. I hated how they gave Bonnie a similar story in season three's Dynamite Alley. She already took Sindy's call number, did she really have to steal something else?

    This episode is different from other CHiPs episodes & mirrors more recent cop dramas before they even existed, but to much better effect in my opinion. I loved how the gang got togtehr to try & clear Sindy of what she had been acused of. Showed the family atmosphere of the CHiPs. The stunts were really great & I enjoyed how they ended the episode off on a lighter note after all the drama.moreless
  • Without a doubt my favorite CHiPs episode. It revolved around Officer Sindy Cahill getting into a huge accident. She was unconscious, there were no other survivors and no witnesses to explain what had happened. Very tense, serious stuff in this one.moreless

    Sure, this episode is pretty outdated now, but boy was it exciting back in the day! To investigate the accident, the best technology they had at the time was used. It's comparable to the CSI shows that are so popular now. I was just a kid when this episode first ran and it thrilled me to see how accidents were investigated. I think it's still fun to watch this one just to see how things used to be done. Amazing how things have changed!

    Another reason why I like this episode was because of Sindy. She was my favorite female officer on CHiPs. Pretty dramatic to have her involved in such a serious accident and then be blamed for it! Yeesh! It had me on the edge of my seat to see if the rest of the officers could save the day!

    And by far the best reason to watch this episode is the big crash. Crashes are always cool (despite the obvious ramps the show used). They show this crash over and over and over and over. Just awesome! I don't recall this episode having a "fun activity" at the end like most others, but this episode wasn't like the others. I think some people who don't like CHiPs because of its cheesiness would enjoy this one.moreless
  • I love the character of Sindy Cahill. This episode may not have much reality but it´s very interesting to watch.

    In this episode die more people than ever in CHiPs. The idea of the pile up is not new but here we see not only the wrecks and dead people - no, we learn how a case like this is solved. Of course for today it´s looking a bit old fashioned as today in the time of ABS and EPS the traces doesn´t tell all.

    A bit annoying was the apperance of the Senator. I don´t know if it is usual in America that the politicians take part in running enquiries but I´ve nerver heard from in my country.

    Even Sindy was most seen in a hospital bed, this cute officer steals everyone´s heart. When first watching "Mait Team", I cried a lot but watched it again and again.

    I like the solution they found. In the other way .... what would have been happend if the pile-up really was Sindy´s fault? We never will know but I like this thought. How can a human bear the blame of such a big desaster?

    It was good that the writers gave "a bit hope" and fun at the end, even it was not much.

    Fazit: One of the best CHiPs moments evermoreless
Lou Wagner

Lou Wagner

Harlan (1978-83)

Robert Pine

Robert Pine

Joe Getraer

Erik Estrada

Erik Estrada

Officer Frank "Ponch" Poncherello

Lew Saunders

Lew Saunders

Officer Gene Fritz (1977-81)

Larry Wilcox

Larry Wilcox

Officer Jon Baker (1977-1982)

Brianne Leary

Brianne Leary

Officer Sindy Cahill (1978-79)

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  • TRIVIA (5)

    • This is the second episode of the series which borrows scenes from the series "Emergency!" to show the fire department responding to a traffic accident.  Unlike the previous usage of "Emergency!" footage, closeups are used which clearly show that the rescue squad and fire engine belong to Station 51, which is where the series took place.

    • GOOF: The Plymouth Duster that the 67 Ford goes over top of into the cab of the semi has its rear end lowered almost to the ground, and the back cut out with an improvised ramp to make the launch easier. Also note the stunt driver in the MG ducks before the top is sheared off by the trailer of the semi.

    • While the MAIT team are going through the accident with the chalk board and the cut scenes, you can see the safety helmet on the stunt driver of the car that launched into the semi's cab. You can also see some dummies in the backseat, and no driver in the cab of the semi.

    • Some of the footage used to show L.A. County Fire Department and ambulance services starting out to respond to the accident in the opening were stock footage used from the show Emergency!

    • From CHiPs Online:
      When Sindy is playing dead just before the theme, she's hanging out of her cruiser. Aren't all officers supposed to wear safety belts?

      After Ponch arrives at the accident scene and drives between the wrecked cars, he gets off his motorcycle, takes off his helmet, and puts it on his motorcycle. Watch his helmet fall off the motorcycle.

      How do they know exactly where the reflective sheets were aimed? Even the slightest deviation would have made it reflect at something other than Jon's truck.

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