CHiPs (1983)

Season 2 Episode 1

Peaks and Valleys

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 1978 on NBC

Episode Recap

From CHiPs Online: A couple try to switch seats while driving and get stuck. Ponch and Jon pull them over. A camper driver gets distracted by them and drives off the road. When the paramedics arrive, one of them accuses Ponch and Jon of moving a spinal victim.

Later, they pull over a high school buddy of Jon who tries to talk him into selling cars. When they return to Central, they meet "Dave" the dog and his owner Harlan (the new mechanic). Grossie tells them that the dog was on dope patrol at the border. As Ponch and Jon go back on patrol, Harlan tells Getraer that he would be a CHP officer if he was 2 inches taller.

At the hospital, the spinal victim identifies Ponch and Jon as the ones that pulled him from the camper. Later, Ponch and Jon chase a truck with a trailer fire. They pull the driver just before the truck explodes.

Off duty, they visit the used car lot and consider working there. The next morning, Ponch helps Jon tell high school students about the California Highway Patrol.

While Jon gives a ticket, Ponch and Baricza respond to an anonymous call of bikers near the reservoir. When Baricza leaves his cruiser to look for the bikers, two guys shoot up his cruiser. Ponch calls in "shots fired" and Jon responds. As the guys walk away, Baricza draws his weapon on them. Ponch and Baricza are arresting them when Jon arrives.

Later, Ponch introduces Jon to a woman who asks him to a disco. Then they visit the spinal victim, Bob Niles, in the hospital. He remembers that it wasn't Ponch and Jon that moved him...but power line guys!

That night, Ponch and Jon show off their disco techniques with the ladies. When they take a break from the dance floor, a pregnant woman is about to give birth. Ponch takes control while Jon assists. In the world's easiest delivery, she gives birth to a boy. Ponch and Jon enjoy the applause when the DJ announces that they're CHP officers.
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