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    I live in NY but travel frequently to California. And for the life of me, I cannot pass a CA Highway Patrol officer or vehicle without immediately singing the CHIPS theme song at the top of my lungs.

    Great show!
  • Yes, cop shows CAN be funny!

    Looking at today's cop show (always focused on the ugly side of the cops) I wish there was more shows like ChiP's. It just doesn't age, always funny, good to watch.
  • Ponch is the Man!

    This is one of the most funny cop show I've seen. Love the way Frank Poncherello make me laugh everytime I saw a single episode that's I why I remained a loyal fan until it was got cancelled after 6 season or great moments! Packed with great cast and overall awesome series to watch. When I saw it at sells this DVD series, I bought it right away. I received an amazing set that was produced with great picture and sound quality! I'm really happy to watch this series all over again! From a very proud CHiPs fan.
  • CHiPs was a police show you could actually watch with kids.

    I have fond memories of watching Chips. It was a great police series. The show focused on officers Ponch and Jon, two motorcycle officers with the California Highway Patrol. Ponch was the younger of the two. Jon was the senior officer. Their relationship was similar to John Gage and Roy DeSoto on Emergency.

    One thing that makes this show stand out among other police shows is that Ponch and John never drew their guns. It was a lot less violent than most police shows. Ponch tended to be a lot more impulsive than Jon. One stand out example of this was when they were dealing with a motorcycle stunt show member who kept demonstrating exploits on the freeways to attract attention. Pon followed him on a specially made bike and did a "jump" on a rolling ramp. This got him a censurable incident report.

    It was a good familyn show.
  • weak series...

    ...with equally weak characters and story lines, ...WITH one exception: I watched it for Robert Pine! But it must have been because I was young and had lots of time on my hands, as its a given I wouldn't last past one episode on something like this today.
    I guess even in the 70's there were shows that went for the fluff and the buff factors, but there certainly wasn't any rocket science to be associated with this one. I give it the equivalent to today's reality shows.
    Having said that, I did appreciate Robert Pine, and he did go on to produce a very interesting and capable new "Captain James Tiberius Kirk". Gotta give him that...
  • For six seasons Jon (Larry Wilcox) and Ponch (Erik Estrada) chased, raced, and gave great face, without ever pulling their guns. Realistic? No. Fun? At times, but you will find yourself laughing at it more than with it.

    There are great similarities in the scripts as each episode has one major case at the foundation, several small happenings, and some involvement in a sporting event. Watching the episodes in succession will make the redundancy more apparent and cause a craving for Screaming Yellow Zonkers and Tang. Eventually CHiPs becomes far more of an ensemble, but in the first 22 episodes it’s all about Jon and Ponch. The awkwardness is obvious as Larry Wilcox does not seem to know how to play the straight man to Estrada’s clown. As the writers became better at writing for this team, the chemistry developed.

    One fun aspect of watching these shows is spotting the guest stars. Be it actors who had established themselves years before CHiPs came along like Jim Backus, Richard Deacon, Carl Ballantine, Phyllis Diller, Hunt Hall, and Broderick Crawford, to famous athletes like Rosie Greer, and Ben Davidson, or actors who would go on to their own shows or movies like Gary Sandy, Mills Watson, Ellen Travolta, Gerald McRaney, and Edward James Olmos.

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  • Classic, but not the best!

    CHiPs and Dukes of Hazzard were my two favorites growing up. I was only 3 when the show was canceled so I pretty much caught it when it was a syndication. It was good fun and not much more than that. The real CHP hated the show because of its' unrealistic-ness and they never endorsed it as far as I know. In the mid 90's I was reintroduced to the series with the help of Ted Turner who purchased the rights to broadcast the show. Once again, I don't think it ever took itself too seriously, had loads of guest stars and music bands (who were never heard from again, more times than not) and story lines based on actual CHP cases in its' time. It was a vechile for Estrada until his ego got the best of him with help from a cast of characters including one future Klingon. For my sake, I hope it will be released on DVD someday, until then I'll watch some tapes I made from time to time.
  • I grew up with chips.I love a man in uniform.I love the excitement.They was some handsome mens.They were some good actor.I used to be glad when school was out just for I can watch them every day.When I'm out of school my sister going to school.good show.t

    This show was about real life.About patrol officer trying to save people's life.And on there spare time they like to go on dates.These are the show that I would want my children to watch.A remodel show.Something thats not a bad influence on my kids.Thats whats wrong with the kids of today.The don't have enough positive shows or movies on T.V to keep them on the right track.Showing movies with all this killing and gang banging.Thats not helping our children of the next generation.We need to do positive things instead of negative things.Put on some education stuff.good show.need more like t
  • CHiPs was the often corny series that helped turn the serious but campy police shows of the early 70s into the light hearted disco loving police shows of the late 70s.

    There is no denying that CHiPs has to be one of the corniest shows of the late 70s, early 80s. Aimed squarely at families with kids, the show still has great appeal for young kids who can understand the simple, clear cut stories. What's more, you can plop them down in front of the show and not have to worry about them seeing anything sexier than roller disco chicks in hot pants, any graphic violence or pretty much any other kind of adult theme.

    The show can still be a lot of fun for adults too. I enjoy looking at the old cars and the the crazy outfits as well as listening to that great 70s slang. You can play games with the show too, try and spot the same scenery as the show reuses the same stretch of back-lot highway adnauseum or try to pick out which cars will be involved in the upcoming crash. Want a hint? It's never a new one and usually bears the scars of previous crashes.

    Overall, I like CHiPs. It's dorky, campy fun from a simpler time. It's fun to see shows like this are still out there.
  • How exciting is it being a motorcycle cop? Pretty darn exciting!

    This how will derive any fame it gets from now becouse of Eric Estrada and whatever the hell he's doing nowadays. The real fans know that back in the day there was no rougher place to be for criminals than in the sights of officers Baker and Ponch. These guys actually made motorcycle cops look cool and seem very heroic. Unfortunitly, the cops haven't stood the test of time. The last memory of these cops that I have is Chips 99' and that was seriously the worst movie ever. Why they decided to do that, I don't know. They would have been laughed off the street any other period in time including before motorcycles were invented and they had motorcycles they still would be laughed at. Still thats why I lov eem'.
  • A great show for anyone that likes cop shows.

    I wasn't born when this show first aired, but I watched the re-runs that use to be on TV. This was a great little show to watch. This show followed Officer Frank "Ponch" Poncherello and Officer Jon Baker. They were the California Highway Patrol or for short CHiPs. Everyday was a new adventure for the two officers. They never knew what was going to happen. Whatever happened though, they all ways found a way out or a way to fix it. No matter what was going on those two had everything undercontrol. This was one of those cop show that really was worth watching.
  • It debuted a month and a half before I did, but I watched the re-runs all the time.

    Chips was a great, it had action, it was comical, sometimes unintentionally, but it was funny. TV shows now even have stars from the show on, and do the \"Chips ending\" were they pause the film. I think most shows in the 70\'s were cheesy, and you have to remember that, but this was cheesy in a good way. Ponch & Bake were a great team, and even though sometimes you would be like that would so never happen, it was still entertaining for some reason. The characters and side people made the show the classic that it is today.
  • Eric Estrada rocks.

    This show is a true classic, hat's off. This is perhaps Eric Estrada's defining career role, and a really cool one. I just saw the CHIPS reunion movie, it brought back tv memories to me. this show is so cool. at the time it was one of the best shows on tv, i stayed up late at night to watch this show, because it's a very watchable show. cops and robbers are what chips are made off. i give this show two thumbs up. the show might be old now, and the stuff you see in the show wouldn't work on today's shows, but it was good when chips was on tv.
  • corny.

    the only good thing about this show was that there was a car crash at the beginning of every episode. i wonder how much this show cost to produce. i can't believe they spent much on writers, because the stories were second rate garbage. but what should anyone expect, after all it was the late 70's early 80's. thank god it's over.
  • this show was about two highway patrol officers

    this show was about two highway patrol officers patroling the highways of california on motorcycles. it was suppose to show you how dangerous a job they had and how many times they helped the poor and the ones who got into trouble all the times one of the officers was always getting into some kind of trouble while the other one was trying to keep him on the good side of the sargent in charge of them
  • this show....

    was a great show that the reason I watch it is because it's pretty much the same basics as my one and only all time favorite TV show The Dukes of Hazzard! It has a ton of Car Chases, hot women, hot cars, etc just like The Dukes of Hazzard did. What makes me like it this much is The Dukes of Hazzard, It's basically the same thing as The Dukes of Hazzard and that's why I think it is one of the greatest shows of all time. It keeps it very simple and easy to follow the plot line. Every episode of this series shows Car Chases!
  • Funny as hell if you watch it now days.

    Okay, if you want to laugh out loud. Find a CHIPS Marathon, get comfortable and gear up for a huge crack up. This show was hilarious, yet considered serious back in the day. Look at the tight uniforms these guys where, and why do they always get all the big calls? I live in LA, and yes there are a lot of traffic accidents, but come on...we don't have tons of drug dealers and hot car thiefs running around. The show was a trend setter for its time, and has been a cult following for a log time after. To bad Pounch is now doing Infomercials.
  • A good and funny cop show from the 70's.

    A good and funny cop show from the 70's. This was a pretty good television series. As is normal with good television shows, this one did not last long enough. This is a show that I would suggest watching if you get the chance. Check the bargain bins at Wal-Mart, the online movies sites ( and such) and all of the cable channels that run old shows. Nick at Nite and TV Land are great for theses kind of shows. They will even do a week long spot for shows that only had 6 or so episodes. Then you have your super stations. They run a bunch of old shows too. All in all a pretty good show that did not get a good enough chance. Sometimes it is a simple as the show it is up against. Look at Law & Order. It is one of the longest running shows on TV. They moved it to go up against Lost. After about 2 weeks of getting pounded in the ratings it was moved back to it's original time slot. Shows like this should be given more of an opportunity.
  • Loved the show as a kid!

    I loved the show as a kid
    Like Starsky & Hutch back in Miami
    Where my siblings and I lived at the time
    My brother would be Jon Baker
    As I would be Punch since I have black hair
    We would pretend we had to find some "motorcycles" or bicycles
    To play the cops on the show
    Just gives me flashbacks to disco days and bell bottoms
    Just off the wall for its time!
  • bring CHIPS back the orgininal one not a remake

    i really like this show i watched it all the time so bring it has a real every day situltions, and very very good looking guys on the there. you get to watch them all the time, its like a part of your family in a way. so please bring it back.
  • A classic show that I was lucky enough to find out about in syndication.

    I'm not really sure why I watched CHiPs, but I sure did enjoy it. Maybe it was the countless motorcycle riding scenes, or the frequent close-up shots of the spinning motorcycle wheels. Or maybe it was just the fact 3 AM is not he best time for TV and ChiPs reruns on TBS are as good as anything else. Either way, I was hooked from the first episode. The stories were always kept light and often ridiculous, and they never took themselves too seriously, which is why this show is a real classic, and is one of my favourite shows from before my time.
  • I liked this show but whats with the accidents always?

    I liked this show alot, but I never got to understand what the heck was with all those accidents. Every single episode there was some accident involving at least 10 or 15 more vechiles or some weird accidents. I mean come on now, given the road conditions, no way accidents can happen like that (unless they are really careless drivers)
  • Two Highway Patrol officers, Jon and daredevil Ponch, never have a dull day when chasing speeders or catching burglars and giving out parking tickets in between. From picking up hitch hikers off the highway to delivering baby's in disco's, they have done

    I loved this show since I was a kid and it has kept a special place in my heart ever since.
    As a kid I even believed they were real cops because they played their part so good.
    The motorcycles, the uniforms, Jon and Ponch, the action..., the show was a sensation for its time.
    If you weren't blinded by Ponch pearly white teeth, then Jon's charm got to you. Or you got a thrill from the many chases on the highway accompanied by the loud sirens wailing through traffic.
    Even Sgt. Getraer could put a smile on your face even though he sometimes was quite strict on his men.

    This series just begs to be released on dvd.

  • CHiPs was a cool show.

    CHiPs was a cool show. It was based on the California Highway Patrol motorcycle patrol. Eric Estrada and Larry Wilcox were the stars. I don’t think they understood the concept of ensemble casts then. The entire cast was really great. If this show was made by Dick Wolf it would still be on the air. When Estrada demanded half the show’s budget, he would have been sent packing. Bruce Jenner could have been kept on and the show would have been great.
  • Would like to know when chip's will be out on DVD for purchase as sets love to watch them all the time they were on TV.

    Please get emergency and C.h.i.p's out on DVD they were the best of the best as far as I'm concerned. These are the programs I'd let my kids watch growing up.I really don't know how to get these programs except through your email which I'm trying to do. It ranks with Quincy, McGyver and other great movies.
  • BEST SHOW ever made.

    This show was not about catching the drug dealer or the petifilier. it was about common everyday problems that face america and its people. like the time ponch and jon came across the photographer and his models in the middle of the highway during rush hour. or the time the met klumpenstumpf. You can relate everyday life to something that has hapened on the show. Rememebr the aliens? or the plane landing on the highway? or the time ponch was cheated out of the battle of the bands? Ponch and Jon go ahead and keep fighting the crime. Central CHP remains the best station in any tv show ever made and will stand the test of time.
  • “CHiPs” is as much a western as it is a cop show. Instead of our heroes riding around on horses with the hats and spurs, they ride Kawasaki motorcycles and sport mirror sunglasses and knee-high boots.

    “CHiPs” is as much a western as it is a cop show. Instead of our heroes riding around on horses with the hats and spurs, they ride Kawasaki motorcycles and sport mirror sunglasses and knee-high boots.

    Like many shows, “CHiPs” took a while to find it’s direction and faded a bit at the end, making seasons 1 & 6 a bit weak but the middle seasons are classic television.

    After a financial dispute, the producers opted to give Eric Estrada most of the money in season six, so about half the cast left. With Estrada carrying the load with a nearly all new cast, the show collapsed.
  • Cops N Robbers - that the whole family could watch. This ain't NYPD Blue!

    The fanfare for CHiPs was small and mundane. Try to unearth an admitted CHiPs fan and you’ll have more luck finding a two-headed cow. And even to this day for some unexplainable reason, CHiPs was the show that critics love to hate.

    Maybe it was the bad boy attitude of Officer Francis/Frank Poncharrello or the sunshine smile of beat partner Officer Jon Baker that made the public cringe. But if you could get past the negative hoopla – you had yourself a good show.

    A typical CHiPS episode consisted of: a morning roll call at the police station, at least one motorcycle chase, and a typical life lesson to be learned. And if we were lucky – we’d get an interstate pile up and a foot chase for being the dedicated watchers that allowed CHiPs to survive for six seasons.

    If CHiPs was to return to television today, I’d be anxious to watch it. Of course, I doubt it would have the same effect if they didn’t bring back the original cast, and being that many of the CHiPs originals are probably too seasoned and out of shape for a good foot chase, I seriously doubt if watching Frank Poncharello flirt with a flash of his pearly whites would be as entertaining now that he’s aged prevalently since his days of skin tight pants and riding boots.

    Long live CHiPs – it will always be a classic.
  • CHiPs is a show about two Highway Patrol officers. Jon Baker and Frank Poncherello are always on the streets to save lifes and to help others without caring about their own lifes. Ponch is one with a hot temper and Jon often has to protect him of t

    As child I only had half an hour the week to watch tv. Later my dad was writing his books and I went to the TV in my grandmas room and started watching all the shows which were forbidden in the first 13 years of my life.
    One day I saw CHiPs the first time. I stopped zapping and began to watch it every day. These two cops in tan started to be my heroes. In my country they sent CHiPs not in right order and after the third rerun I first understood what was the beginning and what the end.
    It was funny to see Ponch with his sticky ticket or how the Sarge took care about his plants and flowers. I started to cry as Jon had this bad accident in "Crack Up" or as Officer Andy died during duty. CHiPs was my world, I could hide there from daily life. I adored it without looking on details or logical things. Jon, Ponch, the Sarge, Sindy, Bear and all the others were my "friends" in a lonley childhood.
    Now, nearly 15 years later, I still love CHiPs but I´m also seeing the things which were annoying a bit.
    CHiPs was never an "ensemble" show but a "Two Men Show". It were always Jon and Ponch who were the heroes at the end,sometimes they treated their collegues in bad ways. It was always Ponch who did silly things, that changed abrupt as he got his new partner Bobby, to abrupt. Friends, family and relatives come and go as the writers can use them. There is no continuity to see and that is what a series needs to be a good series.
    Also I don´t like the circumstances they sent Jon away. CHiPs was sent 10 years after it´s end in my country and at this time were no internet or magazines to look what happend to so much of the main characters.
    What´s my fazit? CHiPs is a very good show but it´s not the "ONLY, INCREDIBLE, FANTASTIC" show some fans claim all over the internet.
    Today I think, if they had made CHiPs as an ensemble show and not only sticked to the two main characters, it could have had more seasons and could have been more successful in all ways.
    But anyway, I still love it and can ingnore most of the things I statd as negative above.
    Bring it back to our country !!!