CHiPs (1983)

NBC (ended 1983)





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  • CHiPs was a police show you could actually watch with kids.

    I have fond memories of watching Chips. It was a great police series. The show focused on officers Ponch and Jon, two motorcycle officers with the California Highway Patrol. Ponch was the younger of the two. Jon was the senior officer. Their relationship was similar to John Gage and Roy DeSoto on Emergency.

    One thing that makes this show stand out among other police shows is that Ponch and John never drew their guns. It was a lot less violent than most police shows. Ponch tended to be a lot more impulsive than Jon. One stand out example of this was when they were dealing with a motorcycle stunt show member who kept demonstrating exploits on the freeways to attract attention. Pon followed him on a specially made bike and did a "jump" on a rolling ramp. This got him a censurable incident report.

    It was a good familyn show.