CHiPs (1983) - Season 1

NBC (ended 1983)




Episode Guide

  • Flashback!
    Episode 22
    Brent Delaney, a rookie fresh out of motorschool, is not liked much by his fellow patrolmen. Police motorbikes are being stolen.

  • Crack-Up
    Episode 21
    Both Jon and Grossie are injured on the job and end up in the hospital. Ponch is teamed up with Getraer until Jon is fully recovered.

  • Rainy Day
    Episode 20
    Jon and Ponch are patrolling in a police cruiser as it's raining too hard to be on their motorcycles. A man gets thrown out of a gambling camper. A schoolteacher is allowed to take her little students to Central where they're given a tour by Ponch.

  • Crash Diet
    Episode 19
    Jon and Ponch gently try to coax a disturbed veteran out of throwing dirt at passing autos. Also, Getraer orders his officers to peel off excess pounds.
  • Cry Wolf
    Episode 18
    A false alarm ties up CHP, fire engines and ambulances on the freeway. A disturbed young man who is living with his sister does this on purpose.
  • Hitch-Hiking Hitch
    Episode 17
    Jon and Ponch find two girls hitch hiking. One blames the other for being there, but Ponch and Jon learn that this is not true. Later they have to save them out of a dangerous situation.
  • Vintage '54
    Episode 16
    A baby is left behind in a parking area. A female sky diver nearly lands on the highway when her parachute is stuck on the bridge above. Mrs. Downey's car has been stolen. A dumspter gets unhitched from its garbage van and runs freely down the freeway.
  • Surf's Up
    Episode 15
    Jon and Ponch get sent to Malibu when they ask for a change of scenery. They go to the beach on their time off.
  • Rustling
    Episode 14
    Thinking that it is Jon's birthday soon, Ponch plans a surprise birthday party for him. A cattle owner is stealing his own cattle in order to rip off the insurance agency.
  • One Two Many
    Episode 13
    CHP officers usually ride in pairs, but this day Ponch leaves Jon to handle an emergency. While Jon is alone, an officer pulls up to a car and acts improperly. The female driver is so frightened that she causes a traffic accident as she speeds away. Jon learns that the mystery man is apparently his double and his career is in jeopardy as long as the phony remains at large.moreless
  • Aweigh We Go
    Episode 12
    A car pulling a boat trailer swerves to avoid an oncoming car and smashes into a hair salon. Ponch has his mind set on buying the boat with Jon. Being short on personnel, Jon and Ponch are assigned to the weigh station. A car has gone over a cliff with a woman and her little girl inside.

  • Name Your Price
    Episode 11
    Rolls Royces are being stolen. The CHP is on overtime to catch the thieves. A car is run off the road by a Porsche. Inside, a man is trapped who happens to be a diabetic. Ponch is a contestant in the gameshow 'Name Your Price'.
  • Highway Robbery
    Episode 10
    Jon and Ponch arrest a thief who uses a motorcycle to rob drivers in traffic jams. When Jon recognizes the prisoner as a high-school classmate and a former football hero, he offers him help.

    Ponch has a crush on the beautiful model for a sun lotion ad campaign. Mesmerized by her pictures on highway billboards, he´s determined to date the girl. Learning that Sgt. Getraer knows the model and her family, Ponch attempts to convince Getraer to arrange a date with his dream girl. He gets a surprise when he finally meets Janey.moreless
  • Hustle
    Episode 9
    Always looking for opportunities to make money, Ponch discovers that Jon once worked as an instructor in a bowling alley and still is a great bowler. Keeping Jon´s secret from the other CHiPs, Ponch places a series of bets that his partner will defeat all favorites in a upcoming police bowling tournament.

    As the officers approach a car that went through a stop sign, they get a surprise. The driver is actor Broderick Crawford, who starred as Dan Mathews in Highway Patrol, the hit 1950s series that could be called the ancestor of CHiPs.moreless
  • 11/10/77
    Many plants are being stolen from public places. Sgt. Getraer has a heart for plants, so he chases after the thieves himself. Ponch has his future told to him by twin psychics.
  • Taking Its Toll
    Episode 7
    When two thieves escape from Jon after a robbery at a toll booth, it is the start of a crime wave and a massive manhunt. Jon and Ponch later encounter a crashed limo with a time bomb on its back seat and a man trapped beneath the car. Jon is writing a book about Ponch's funny accidents. When Ponch finds out, Jon changes the story and depicts him as a heroic modern day warrior.moreless
  • Baby Food
    Episode 6
    A truck loses its load of baby food on the highway. Ponch and Jon learn that the baby food is toxic and try to find the lost boxes. Meanwhile, a hippie couple with a baby finds two of the tainted boxes.
  • Career Day
    Episode 5
    Ponch gives a ticket to his former high school principal who then asks Ponch to talk about the CHP for Career Day. Jon and Ponch respond to call about a traffic jam which they learn is being caused by pretty models nearby. Ponch´s motorcycle needs repairs, so Getraer sticks him on the front desk. When a helicopter pilot comes in, Ponch jumps at the chance to leave. In the helicopter he helps Jon find a lost boy and two elusive burglars. Later that afternoon as he gives his Career Day speech, Ponch freezes up and Jon helps him by telling the audience about saving the kid. Ponch then wakes up and starts telling exaggerated stories (without Jon's help).moreless
  • Moving Violation
    Episode 4
    When Jon and Ponch stop a speeding car on the freeway, a very large man emerges from the vehicle. The raging driver proceeds to take his car apart and wouldn´t mind doing the same to Ponch who has made the mistake of laughing during the demolition.

    Later Ponch himself gets a ticket, and to keep his driving record clean, enrolls in a driving safety course. He meets people there to whom he´s given tickets.

    Sarge calls Jon to go to a woman whose husband died in an accident that morning. Jon is nearly crying when the little son mistakes him for his daddy.moreless
  • Dog Gone
    Episode 3
    Ponch and Jon are chasing a dog that causes an accident. They bring it to Central and hide it in a truck. Meanwhile, some guys who want to sabotage Ponch's motorbike mistakenly sabotage Jon´s motorbike instead.

  • Undertow
    Episode 2
    A woman gets robbed by a tow truck driver and then he causes an accident. A chemical substance is spilled on the highway. Ponch gets intoxicated by the stuff. Jon has to get him to a hospital, but Ponch is not very cooperative.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Jon and Ponch are chasing thieves who steal luxury cars. The thieves are using moving vans with stolen license plates. Ponch has problems with Sgt. Getraer and can´t do anything right by him.