CHiPs (1983) - Season 4

NBC (ended 1983)




Episode Guide

  • A Simple Operation
    Episode 21

    Getraer injures his eye during a pursuit. While in the hospital, a hitman thinks that Getraer saw his attack on another patient and plans to eliminate Getraer as well.

  • Dead Man's Riddle
    Episode 20

    A psychiatrist joining the Accident Investigation Team fears that she may have been responsible for a serious high-speed accident that the CHPs are currently trying to recreate in an investigation.

  • Vigilante
    Episode 19
    When Getraer and his family are harassed by a mysterious vandal, Ponch and Jon step in to find out who is behind it all. They also have to get a handle on a local community patrol operation. One of its members has become a vigilante, using excessive force while trying to fight crime in remembrance of his son who was run down by a drunk driver.moreless
  • 4/5/81

    A mentally ill Vietnam veteran harasses Baricza's father, Pete, because of his crop dusting business. Due to Pete's injured back, Baricza begins spending his off duty time helping his father, but this results in fatigue that causes poor judgment while on patrol. He considers leaving the patrol to help his father, but when his friends intervene, Baricza has to reconsider his obligations.

  • New Guy in Town
    Episode 17

    The twin brother of a man killed while chased by Ponch and Jon a few years prior is out for revenge.  Meanwhile the gang tries to adjust to T.C., a new motor officer... and a perfectionist.

  • Karate
    Episode 16

    Ponch and Jon try to clean up Ponch's old neighborhood. But along the way, they have problems, as Andy Macedon, leader of a gang of kids and Ponch's old enemy from his childhood, tries to ruin their chances.

  • Ponch's Angels (2)
    Ponch's Angels (2)
    Episode 15
    Now that Jon has been assigned a female officer to train as well, they all must work together to shut down the Marina operation and recapture the escaped prisoners.
  • Ponch's Angels (1)
    Ponch's Angels (1)
    Episode 14
    In an effort to humble Ponch, Getraer assigns Ponch to train a female motorcycle officer. Ponch learns what it is like for Getraer to deal with his insubordination when his female trainee displays the same behavior. Meanwhile, the CHPs are trying to recapture escaped prisoners and catch Marina thieves.
  • Sharks
    Episode 13

    A supposed quiet day of scuba-diving finds Ponch and Jon face-to-face with a ring of drug smugglers and sharks.

  • Home Fires Burning
    Episode 12
    As part of an insurance scam, arsonists start burning down mobile homes, causing chaos for Jon and Ponch. Meanwhile, they prepare for a basketball game.
  • 1/18/81

    A new system is put in use to send back-up faster to help officers that are down and injured. While testing it, the officers also track down thieves that are stealing delivery trucks from loading docks hoping to sell the merchandise.

  • 1/11/81

    Jon, Ponch and the gang try to stop a group of thieves that are stealing heavy equipment from an independent construction company owner.  The patrol is also participating in a drag race competition, which is disrupted by a series of spare parts thefts.

  • Crash Course
    Episode 9
    A car thief moves into the robbery business, while Ponch has some problems to sort out with his bank account.
  • Wheels of Justice
    Episode 8

    A repeat drunken driver and his slick lawyer frustrates Jon and Ponch.

  • Satan's Angels
    Episode 7

    Bonnie is kidnapped by a gang of bikers, so Jon and Ponch are sent to find her. Meanwhile, Getraer has labor pains as he works through the situation, while his wife is in and out of the hospital on labor false alarms.

  • The Great 5K Star Race and Boulder Wrap Party (2)

    An unearthed boulder, resulting from a landslide, causes some problems for Jon and Ponch as the fundraiser gets underway.

  • The Great 5K Star Race and Boulder Wrap Party (1)

    With the annual CHP charity fundraiser fast approaching again, Ponch crams for ideas and celebrities.  Meanwhile, he and Jon try to track down a criminal duo using a motorbike and sidecar in robberies.

  • The Poachers
    The Poachers
    Episode 4

    An Indian teaches his grandson how to survive in the woods, causing a disagreement between him and his engineer son.  Meanwhile, Jon and Ponch chase poachers who sell the meat of the wild animals to restaurants. They enlist the help of the Indians to try and capture the poachers.

  • To Your Health
    Episode 3
    Jon and Ponch help a farmer and his sisters who have several near-fatal accidents that look like sabotage. Both learn a lot about healthy food.
  • Sick Leave
    Episode 2

    Jon and Ponch try to help their fellow officer, Andy, who is pulling dangerous stunts at work, making warped judgement calls, and causing a strain in the relationship between he, his son, and his comrades at work. The duo keeps an eye on him, while determining the cause.

  • Go-Cart Terror
    Episode 1

    While the CHPs pursue furniture thieves, Ponch and Jon prepare a go-cart team for competition, while also trying to help one of its members who's misusing his go-cart as a cry for help.