CHiPs (1983)

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 03, 1981 on NBC
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Episode Summary

When Getraer and his family are harassed by a mysterious vandal, Ponch and Jon step in to find out who is behind it all. They also have to get a handle on a local community patrol operation. One of its members has become a vigilante, using excessive force while trying to fight crime in remembrance of his son who was run down by a drunk driver.moreless

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    Michael Dorn

    Michael Dorn

    Officer Turner (1980-82)

    Lou Wagner

    Lou Wagner

    Harlan (1978-83)

    Robert Pine

    Robert Pine

    Joe Getraer

    Erik Estrada

    Erik Estrada

    Officer Frank "Ponch" Poncherello

    Lew Saunders

    Lew Saunders

    Officer Gene Fritz (1977-81)

    Larry Wilcox

    Larry Wilcox

    Officer Jon Baker (1977-1982)

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • From CHiPs Online:
        When Grossie is playing Defender, he complains he only got "600 lousy points". Apparently Grossie didn't read the right place...according to a previous shot he had over 20,000. (Clearly more than 600!) He had also made it to a higher level...something where you'd probably be with a few more than 600 points.

        After Grossie stops playing Defender, the video game's loud sounds stop. Baricza must have gotten a game with a broken speaker...he's still playing but we hear nothing.

        The grenade explosion seemed pretty mild. Shouldn't a weapon of war have caused more destruction?

        After Getraer spills off his motorcycle because of the grenade, his windshield audibly and visibly breaks. After Ponch and Jon drive off, it's perfect! Those junkyard repairmen are pretty quick!

    • QUOTES (4)

      • (Getraer receives (what seems to be) an anonymous call from Mallard in his office)
        Getraer: [answering the phone] Sgt. Getraer.
        Mallard: Hope you didn't mind me horning in on you today, Sarge.
        Getraer: Who is this? Look, why don't you face me if you're such --
        [The line goes dead as the theme music starts]

      • Ponch: (about the Defender game) Somebody's gotta save the universe.
        Jon: You mean win the tournament.
        Ponch: Hey partner, you say it your way, I'll say it mine!

      • Millard: Did you see what that cop did? He shattered my window with a hammer and almost killed me!
        Getraer: That was no cop, Millard! He was a citizen, a law and order citizen! A hundred years ago, they would've strung you up from the highest tree. I'D LIKE TO RIP YOUR HEAD OFF for what you did to me and my family! But I can't.....I AM a cop!

      • Community Patrol Shift Leader: Since we've started this patrol, the crime rate in the area has dropped 30%. We're happy, the citizens are happy, and the police are happy. However, we've been getting some complaints about vandalism and harrassment.

        Gibson: (mumbling out loud to himself) Those who obey the law have nothing to cry about.

        Shift Leader: Let me warn some of you hotshots again! We're out there in the streets to protect our families and provide high visibility, not enforcement. DON'T PURSUE SUSPECTS! Radio it in to the police.

        Gibson: By the time they get there, the guy's in the next county.

        Shift Leader: Look Gibson, there's no room in this patrol for someone who's going to undermine our whole effort!

        Gibson: Yes, sir.

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