Chi's Sweet Home

TV Tokyo Premiered Mar 31, 2008 Between Seasons




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Chi, Goes Home
      Chi, Goes Home
      Episode 52
      Chi is still lost after following the black cat earlier. Chi then looks to the sky for help finding the way back home, following the black cat's advice. Chi then manages to successfully find her way home.
    • Chi, Practices
      Chi, Practices
      Episode 51
      After the black cat leaves her, Chi realizes she doesn't have a clue where she is or where home is. While trying to find her way home, Chi is placed in a situation allowing her to practice what the black cat taught her.
    • Chi, Learns
      Chi, Learns
      Episode 50
      Chi continues to follow the black cat and learns more about the world outside in the process. The black cat tells Chi she's a cat, only for Chi to reply, "I'm not a cat, I'm Chi!"
    • Chi, Pursues
      Chi, Pursues
      Episode 49
      Chi spots the black cat outside and out of curiosity decides to follow him. The cat is surprised to find that Chi doesn't realize she's a cat.
    • Chi, Feigns Ignorance
      Chi desperately attempts to get the tape off her tail and messes up Dad's desk space in the process. Seeing she'll be scolded by him, Chi decides to be ignorant of the situation when the family comes home.
    • Chi, Sticks
      Chi, Sticks
      Episode 47
      While the family has a day out, Chi wanders into Dad's room and winds up getting her tail stuck to a roll of tape. How will Chi get herself out of this mess?
    • Chi, Collects Interest
    • Chi, Gets Attention
    • Chi, Reports
    • Chi, is Edible
    • Chi, Encounters
    • Chi, Stands Firm
    • Chi, Has a Showdown
    • Chi, Takes a Bath
    • Chi, Has a Quarrel
    • Chi, Deeply Moved
    • Chi, is Deeply Moved
    • Chi, is Found
    • Chi, Sees
    • Chi, Wants to See
    • Chi, Finds
    • Chi, House Sits (Part 2)
    • Chi, House Sits (Part 1)
    • Chi, is Lured
    • Chi, Prevents
    • Chi, Gets Her Claws Trimmed
    • Chi, Misunderstands
    • Chi, Chooses
    • Chi, Obsesses
    • Chi, Hates
    • Chi, Goes to the Hospital (Part 3)
      Dad and Chi finally make it to the vet and Chi finally has her health checkup. Chi decides she absolutely hates the vet and because Dad was the one who took her, Chi decides she hates him.
    • Chi, Goes to the Hospital (Part 2)
      On their way out of the complex to take Chi to the vet (hidden in a picnic basket) the family is unexpectedly talked to by the landlady. Will the landlady learn the family's secret?
    • Chi, Goes to the Hospital (Part 1)
      Dad and Mom determine that Chi must absolutely go to the vet in order to get a checkup. But how can they get Chi out of the house without being spotted caring for a pet in an apartment that doesn't allow them?
    • Chi, Is Left Alone
      Chi, Is Left Alone
      Episode 20
      It begins to get dark so all the neighborhood kids leave to go home, leaving Chi all by herself. Thankfully Mom, Dad, and Youhei manage to find her and save her from this scary situation.
    • Chi, Explores
      Chi, Explores
      Episode 19
      Chi goes to play on the playground with all of the neighborhood kids. Meanwhile, Mom and Youhei continue to look for Chi.
    • Chi, Goes For a Walk
      Chi continues to explore the outside and winds up playing with two local kids near the playground.
    • Chi, Runs Away
      Chi, Runs Away
      Episode 17
      Chi accidentally knocks over a vase in the house, making Mom yell at her. Chi gets scared and winds up running outside. Not wanting to be scolded again for the vase, Chi decides to ignore Mom and Youhei's calls to her to come home.
    • Chi, Gets in the Way
      While Dad stresses over a deadline for his graphic design job, Chi decides to try to play with him. Dad leaves the room for a bit allowing Chi to check out Dad's desk and all the things on it.
    • Chi, Plays
      Chi, Plays
      Episode 15
      Dad comes home from the pet shop with lots of cat toys for Chi. The only problem is that Chi doesn't seem to get that she should be playing with the toys.
    • Chi, Receives
      Chi, Receives
      Episode 14
      Realizing Chi has no toys of her own to play with, Dad goes out to the pet shop to buy some.
    • Chi, Gets Excited
      Chi, Gets Excited
      Episode 13
      Youhei's mother is doing the laundry when she discovers Youhei has left toys in his pockets. Youhei goes to put them away, but when one drops accidentally, it leads Chi to discover a new favorite toy: super balls!
    • Chi, Decides
      Chi, Decides
      Episode 12
      Chi remains unsure as to what's going on as the family continues their sadness around him. Much to the family's surprise, the woman who said she could take care of Chi winds up not being able to after all. The family then decides that despite breaking the rules of their apartment, they'll keep Chi.moreless
    • Chi, Is Taken
      Chi, Is Taken
      Episode 11
      The family finally finds someone who might be able to take care of Chi: a woman who's husband really wants a cat. When the woman who might take care of Chi comes to visit, Chi hides behind Youhei and seems very unsure of the woman. After she leaves, Youhei expresses his sadness at the thought of Chi going to live somewhere else. Chi, meanwhile, remains oblivious as to what's going on and why everyone's sad.moreless
    • Chi, Dreams
      Chi, Dreams
      Episode 10
      As the family continues attempting to look for a home for Chi, Chi sleeps soundly in her bed and dreams of being with her mother, as well as have a nightmare about the things that scare her most. Chi's dream turns peaceful again after the father begins lightly petting Chi's back, much like the way Chi's mother would lick her.moreless
    • Chi, Remembers
      Chi, Remembers
      Episode 9
      After seeing Youhei spend time with his mother, Chi suddenly remembers her own mother and becomes determined to find her yet again. Unable to open the front door, Chi winds up falling asleep sadly in front of it. Meanwhile, the parents continue their attempt to find a home for Chi.
    • Chi, Understands
      Chi, Understands
      Episode 8
      Because the family keeps saying the word "chii" ("wee") referring to the kitten finally using its litterbox properly, the kitten begins wondering if the family is referring to him. Testing this theory, the kitten comes to the little boy when he says "chii" and the family soon realizes that the kitten responds. The kitten is then finally given its name: "Chi".moreless
    • Chi, Disappointed
      The father of the family goes out to buy kitty litter in hopes that the kitten will finally go to the bathroom properly. The kitten is surprised to find its "playbox" is different, but discovers that it's still fun. The kitten, however, has yet to learn its lesson and goes to the bathroom once more where it shouldn't. In order to teach a lesson to the kitten, the mother of the family places the dirty fabric inside of the kitten's "playbox", forcing the kitten to finally use the litterbox properly. The kitten is saddened by the loss of its "playbox".moreless
    • Chi, Continues
      Chi, Continues
      Episode 6
      While playing in its "playbox" (the makeshift litterbox) the kitten realizes it again needs to use the bathroom and again goes where it shouldn't. The family debates buying kitty litter since that would expose the fact they're keeping a pet in their apartment, but when the kitten goes to the bathroom again where it shouldn't, the father decides to go out immediately and buy some.moreless
    • Chi, Begins
      Chi, Begins
      Episode 5
      When the kitten finds itself in desperate need to go to the bathroom, the mother of the family creates a makeshift litterbox using a box full of strips of newspaper. The kitten, however, doesn't understand and begins playing with the paper. Much to the mother's dismay, the kitten therefore goes to the bathroom on the clean laundry.moreless
    • Chi, Forgets
      Chi, Forgets
      Episode 4
      The kitten continues its attempt to rejoin its mother only to find itself distracted by various items in the house. Meanwhile, the family attempts to find a home for the kitten since pets are not allowed in their apartment. At the end it seems the kitten has forgotten that it was attempting to go home.moreless
    • Chi, Suffering Cruelty
      Seeing that the kitten is dirty, the family decides to give it a bath (much to the kitten's horrified dismay). After scratching the mother repeatedly and with the father's help, the kitten is finally cleaned up.
    • Chi, Taken In
      Chi, Taken In
      Episode 2
      The kitten awakens to find itself in the little boy's home who had fallen in front of him in the previous episode. Frightened and confused, the kitten attempts once more to rejoin its mother. When the kitten manages to get on the front porch however it finds that it is raining outside and the dog and truck that frightened it before are also there, so the kitten decides to stay with the family for a while longer.moreless
    • Chi, Gets Lost
      Chi, Gets Lost
      Episode 1
      A little kitten is walking around town with its mother and siblings until it gets sidetracked and gets separated from its mother. Confused, the kitten looks for its mother only to become frightened by a dog and a passing truck on the road. The kitten eventually slumps onto the ground in a park when a little boy trips and falls on the ground in front of it. Seeing that the kitten is in need of help, the boy shows the kitten to his own mother.moreless
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