Chi's Sweet Home

TV Tokyo Premiered Mar 31, 2008 Between Seasons





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  • One word: Adorable!

    Chi's sweet home is the cutest anime I've ever seen. And it's defiantly a break from the violent, serious anime. Chi's sweet home is basically about a kitten that finds her way to a loving family and the many adventures she undergoes in her new home. It may sound a little babyish but it certainly is adorable! I would reccomend to pet owners or anyone that loves shows or just animals in particular. Anyone can relate to it because the emotions are simple and it's suitable for all ages. Overall, if you want a break from serious anime, check out Chi's sweet home!
  • Such a cute series!

    'Chi's Sweet Home' is a very cute series. The start of it is kind of sad but it gets more and more enjoyable as the series goes along. This series is full of adorable moments and funny moments. The music and artwork even adds to the cuteness and comical moments and I love the voices. Chi is defenitly one of the most cutest Japanese charactors yet. This series kind of reminds me of Garfield only this series is more adorable then comical. If you love cute and funny shows about Cats then this is defenitly the kind of series for you. If this series gets a dub then I defenitly hope it gets a good one since I'd hate to see this one get ruined for the US.