Season 1 Episode 1

Chi Awakens

Aired Unknown Apr 02, 2002 on
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Hideki has moved to the city from the country to enroll in a Prep School in order to pass the college entrance exam.
In the city, Hideki is amazed by the mobile computer units called Persocons that almost everyone has. If only they weren't so expensive!
Walking one night, he comes across a cute persocom just lying in the trash, and decides he should do his part for the environment and recycle her as his own.moreless

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  • How can one anime mix innocence, with perversion? Without destroying the series? Chobits will be the first, and possibly only one to come to mind.

    Hideki finds a persocom in the garbage, after several humorous (and embarrassing) monologues with himself. When adopting her from the trash, he leaves behind a CD, containing her previous self, memories, and personality. There is no information as to what would have happened if Hideki had installed her original self. But popular belief still says that even if Chii, had become Elda, Hideki would still be the only one for her.

    He is greeted by his Apartment Landlady, Chitose, (Popular belief also says that the reason why Chii only said 'Chi' in the beginning was because those were first sounds in Chitose's name) and than later meets another college student, who he quickly befriends.

    So now our favorite poor college student not only has to worry about basic necessities, but also about his new persocom, which he knows nothing about!moreless
  • This was a cute, weird, and funny way to start off the serious!!

    Hideki moves to the city to go to school. But when he finds out that he didn't get in, he goes to prep school to make sure that he gets a better chance next time! When he gets to the city, he sees girls with weird ears, and finds out that they are Persocoms, human computers. He wants to get one, but he sees that they are very expensive! When he gets to his apartment, he sees his landlady and roommate who help him out a lot! Then when he comes back from the store to his apartment, he sees that ther is a girl in the trash! At first he thinks that its a real person. But then he sees the ears, and sees that its a Persocom. So he takes her to his apartment, and try to see how these things work! He turns her on, and tries to see what she can do. When he gives up he just fells asleep!moreless
  • I is a interesting and unorginel story it is about love, komedy and friendship between a human and a robat it is interesting to se what whil happen too Chii and Hedeki thats why i like to look on Chobits!!!moreless

    Motosuwa Hedeki is eighteen year old contry boy he is moving to Tokyo and become a university student. He tryed to go to Harete University but faild to pass and become a ronin but he was going to try next year so he did go to Tokyo. In Tokyo ther they a kind of robot thats called persocon it look like a real persone but the ears is diffrent from humens Hedeki have not money to buy a persocon but for ones he had som luck and find a persocon in a dumpster so he take it home white him but when he started it it was only saying Chii and thats why he named the persocon Chii and now he need to teach her to speak and meny other things.moreless
Wendee Lee

Wendee Lee


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Doug Stone

Doug Stone

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Kirk Thornton

Kirk Thornton

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The Japanese use the persocom (pasokon) term as an actual abbreviation for personal computer.

    • Goof: After Hideki finds Chi, there's a scene where he's fantasizes about what she can do, one of the things is using her as a video game console, and either the TV and/or the controller is plugged into her ears. However he doesn't learn that that's where the plugs are until a scene later on when Shinbo shows him.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (recurring quote)
      Chi: Chi?

    • Hideki: I want a persocom too! I want email! I want to see those internet porn sites!
      Hibiya: Porn?
      Hideki: Uh, well...

    • Hideki: Persocoms are great. Since they're shaped like people, why can't there just be a really, really cute one lying around?

    • (Ms. Hibiya is talking with Hideki when Chi appears and her towel falls.)
      Hibiya: My oh my...
      Hideki: Really, it's not what you think! It's a persocom!
      Hibiya: My, what a cute little persocom!
      Hideki: (with a funny look on his face) Yeah, well, it's a persocom alright!

    • Hideki finds Chi in the alleyway by the garbage.
      Hideki: Oh my God it's a dead body!

    • Hideki: I doubt I'll ever be able to afford one though(a persocom). And even if I did have one, I wouldn't know where to begin. I don't know anything about persocoms. But I've gotta check out those porno sites....

    • Sumomo rushes to hug Shinbo when she sees Hideki
      Sumomo: Master, that guy's really SCARY!

  • NOTES (4)

    • Japanese casting as done by Pioneer
      The way the Pioneer DVD's are set up, the Japanese cast is listed by name regardless of whether they voiced in that episode.

    • English voice actors list
      The actors are all lumped together in alphabetical order by first name. Their non-aliased names are in parentheses:
      Crispin Freeman
      David Lucas (Steven Jay Blum)
      David Orozco or Orosco (Doug Stone)
      Ellen Wilkinson (Bridget Hoffman)
      Julie Maddalena
      Karen Strassman
      Kay Jensen (Kari Wahlgren)
      Michelle Ruff
      Midge Mayes (Dorothy Elias-Fahn)
      Mona Marshall
      Ron Allen (Kirk Thornton)
      Sandy Fox
      Tony Oliver
      Terrence Stone
      Wendee Lee

    • Hideki has a big problem talking to himself, often out loud and in public for maximum embarassment. (Edit: Of course it'd lead to a much more boring series if this wasn't the case. :) )

    • Chi or Chii
      The Australian DVD version translates her name as Chii with a double i. This is because Chi in Japanese could translate to "blood".

      The US version spells her name as Chi, as well as the manga distributed in the US, so this guide will stick with that for all titles and quotes.

      So please use Chi. Thanks.


    • Hideki's alarm clock is labelled HIDEKI, which is an actual Japanese consumer electronics company.

    • Cram School
      Cram School is for High School students who didn't qualify for a University. Typically a student will spend a year studying at a prep school in order to take the University Entrance exams and start University the following year.