Season 1 Episode 8

Chi Bewildered

Aired Unknown May 21, 2002 on



  • Quotes

    • Chi: Chi was at a job yesterday.
      Hideki: I told you no, right? That you can't work sketchy jobs.
      Chi: (nods) Hideki said No. So Chi didn't do a sketchy job.
      Hideki: A peeping room is a sketchy enough job!
      Chi: Chi? The man said it was a good job.
      Hideki: Guys like that always say that.
      Chi: Hideki said he would be happy if Chi finds job. Hideki said he wanted to buy things with lots of money.
      Hideki: That's true. I said things that made you assume things.
      Chi: (crawling towards him) Did Chi make a mistake? Is Chi bad? (tugs on his shirt)
      Hideki: No, Chi isn't bad... Not bad at all!