Season 1 Episode 5

Chi Finds

Aired Unknown Apr 30, 2002 on

Episode Recap

In Hideki's prep class, mock exams are looming and he has to be prepared for it by next Sunday or he could risk flunking out of the class. With class over Hideki goes to work and is discovered talking out loud to himself by Yumi again. He explains to Yumi the coming mock exams and how anxious he is about it, because of his in ability to learn. After a hard days work Hideki returns home to be greeted by an enthusiastic Chi as usual and explains to her that he'll be studying all day tomorrow.

Next day, Hideki is completely charged and ready to study like crazy however it doesn't take him long to run into a problem. It seems as though he is completely useless in English and searches for his English dictionary though it turns out that he has left it at his home, back at the farm.

Without a dictionary Hideki and Chi head to the bookstore to buy one and they turn out to be really expensive. This also happens to be Chi's first trip to the bookstore and she is fascinated by all the books but one book in particular catches her eye. Hideki can sense that Chi really wants the picture book but he is shocked to see how expensive it is and is caught between conflicting feelings. In the end he decides to by the book as a present for Chi, even though this would mean that he cannot get the English dictionary for his studies.

Chi and Hideki return home to read the new book, when Shinbo arrives to cheer him on for his studies. Hideki has completely forgotten all about it and is panicking after just being reminded, but lucky for him that Shinbo is willing to lend his English dictionary. So Hideki leaves Chi on her own as he goes with Shinbo to get the dictionary but he ends up getting help from Shinbo on some of his English. Meanwhile Chi continues to read the strange picture book; about finding the special someone, suddenly Chi goes into some sort of trance causing her to glow whilst levitating. Hideki returns and is shocked to see Chi in this weird state, as he approaches her she then returns to her usual self.

Hideki is worried about what has just happened and he calls Shinbo over to ask what's wrong with Chi, except he can't anything wrong with her. Still thinking about Chi, he checks out the book she was reading and he's surprised that Chi was able read something so difficult yet he is more surprised by how late it is and having not studied at all. Now with Chi's support Hideki has the energy and determination to continue studying all night.

The next day Hideki took the mock exams and was able to score average, even though it wasn't as good as he thought but at least he won't he flunking the class. Hideki returns home; very pleased with himself and he promises to by Chi something as a reward for her help.