Season 1 Episode 2

Chi Goes Out

Aired Unknown Apr 09, 2002 on
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Hideki wakes up to discover he really now owns a Persocom! Shinbo comes over and realizes what Hideki was hiding the other night. He tries to help Hideki by seeing if Chi has any DATA or PCN numbers. After a failed attempt to use his mini-persocom Sumomo, Shinbo sends Hideki and Chi to Minoru Kokubunji, a computer whiz kid. Minoru too is unsuccessful, but his persocom assistant Yuzuki determines that Chi’s data is just well hidden. Minoru talks about a legendary persocom series called "Chobits." As they go home Minoru gives Hideki some advice about Chi.moreless

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  • Shinbo comes over and finds Hideki's new persocon. He tells Hideki to see a boy named Minorus to find out what kind os persicon Chi is. He isn't able to find out and Chi is thought to maybe be a legendary persocon called a Chobit.moreless

    Shinbo- Hey, can I mess with her?

    Hideki- M-mess with her, mess where?

    Shinbo- Let's see...

    *Hideki goes crazy*

    Lol! This is such a weird type of funny! But funny none the less! OMG why would a little boy have persocoms dressed like that?! Lol, Minoruss like, just don't soil them. How totally not right! It's cool that Chi actually said something besides Chi, but seriously Hidekis right, how are you supposed to teach her if all she seems to say is Chi... but I guesse I'll figure it out, right! Why did Minorus warn him about falling in, drama is building up! Anyway, I though this episode was very funny. Not recomended for little people though.moreless
  • Tells us more about Chi!

    Hideki tries to see exactly how these things work, so when his roommate Shinbo sees what was going on last night, gives him some help with Chi. After Shinbo fails to help him, he sends Hideki over to Minorus house. Minoru tries to help him out, but also fails to get trough Chi's data. Then after some test, Minoru thinks that Chi could be a Chobitm which is a rare Perscom. He tells him that a Chobit has a mind of it;s own, and will remeber what it wants, when it wants. When they leave, Minorus tells Hideki that he should never fall in love with Chi no matter what she does to him.moreless
Wendee Lee

Wendee Lee

Intercom Voice

Guest Star

Julie Maddalena

Julie Maddalena

Minoru's Persocom

Guest Star

Jun Shikano

Jun Shikano

Maid A

Guest Star

Michelle Ruff

Michelle Ruff

Minoru's Persocom

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Hideki: Shinbo said he'd introduce me to a custom-make PC expert, but no matter how I look at you...
      Minoru: You thought I would be older?

    • Hideki: Chi, what do you say when someone's going out? Chi: Take care.
      Hideki: What's my name? Chi: Hideki
      Hideki: Good! Okay, now what's that? Chi: Hideki.
      Hideki: Uh, no, it isn't. It's a kettle. Chi: Hideki!
      Hideki: A kettle. Chi: Hideki! Hideki!
      Hideki: That's a table..and a rice cooker
      Chi: Hideki, Hideki, Hideki, Hideki, Hideki.
      Hideki: Uh uh uh UAHHH!

    • Minoru: Even if she begins to speak and manages to learn other various things you never thought were possible, no matter how nice she is, no matter how cute, for your own sake, don't fall in love if...if you don't want to cry.

    • Shinbo is helping connect Chi up
      Shinbo: Hey, can I mess with her?
      Hideki: M-mess with her? Mess where?
      Shinbo: (lifting up shirt) Let's see. That's strange, I wonder what brand she is.
      If she's from PCN, she should have her model number right here... (pokes breast)
      Hideki: W wa wa wa wa wa wa WAIT~!
      Shinbo: Now as I recall...
      Hideki does a elbow lock on Shinbo's neck.
      Shinbo: (gagging) What are you doing?!
      Hideki: No, it's what are YOU doing?!
      Shinbo: Finding the model number.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Manga Vs Anime

      In the anime, Shinbo finds out about Chi on accident. In the manga, Shinbo mistakes Chi as a person, and to add, a person Hideki invited over.

    • Chi is able to repeat Hideki's home number.
      Chi receives her first clothing from Hibiya-a brown dress- that fits her (oppose to Hidekis T-shirt and pants).
      Chi is named by Hideki.