Season 1 Episode 19

Chi Waits

Aired Unknown Aug 20, 2002 on

Episode Recap

Recap of the previous episode where Chi wakes up at Kojima's place. Hideki rushes to Duklyon café and meets Minoru. They talk about some possibilities. Yuzuki suggests anyone could be involved besides the person who sent the picture and they may steal her for personal interest.

Outside the café, Hideki finds Ueda. He offers to help him search. Yumi follows them from a distance. They go back to the shopping district and talk with some of the owners. One of them offers to post about it on the board. Hideki is worried that Chi might have been abducted. Shinbo calls in and Hideki tells him he's looking for Chi. Hideki asks Shinbo if a persocom can feel pain, and Shinbo replies no, you can delete it. Ueda asks Hideki if he can hang out with him for a while. He tells Hideki his story of how he got married.

Back then, Ueda.was shopping for persocoms. He saw a bunch of models but liked an older one, an outdated one that was on sale. From the first bootup, it was love at first sight. And she had been by his side the whole time. Eventually they fell in love and he proposed to her. They had a ceremony in a small restaurant. Though things were good, there were signs that things weren't going to stay that way. She would forget things and her memory was getting worse and worse. Ueda went to an electronics shop to try getting it fixed but since it was an old model, changing out the hard drive would mean he might lose everything. After visiting other shops and hearing the same thing, he decided not to do anything. Her condition got worse as she would forget things from just a few seconds before. Then one rainy day, they were walking home from shopping. Ueda was in some kind of daze crossing the street when a truck was about to hit him. At the last moment, he was pushed out of the way by his wife.

Ueda wonders if that sacrifice was strange, but Hideki disagrees. Ueda tells Hideki he doesn't want another model and will always remember her. Hideki tells Ueda he will continue searching for Chi. Then he notices a nearby shadow move and chases after it, thinking it could be Chi's abductor. It turns out to be Yumi, who runs off. Ueda notes that as long as he's around she'll run away.

Minoru checks with the webmaster about locating some internet sites. Yuzuki feels a bit guilty, but Minoru says it's good that she brought up the idea. Then they receive a new email, whose sender is the same as the one who posted the chobits image.