Season 1 Episode 7

Chi Works

Aired Unknown May 14, 2002 on



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    • Hideki: I can't take on any more jobs right now.
      Chi: Job?
      Hideki: It means to work. When you do that, you can get money. I guess I'll buy the study guides, eat only once a day. As for porn books, I'll ask the pub manager.
      Chi: Chi will get a job! Can Chi do this job?
      (Chi holds up an adult magazine with naked models.)
      Hideki: (reading out loud) Dominatrix wanted...
      (Hideki's mouth drops open.)
      Hideki: NO WAY!

    • (Yumi opens Hideki's door, rushes forward and lands on him)
      Hideki: Uh, Yumi. What's this all about?
      Yumi: Senpai. (Yumi grabs Hideki's hand and puts it on her breast.) (Hideki screams and backs into a scantily clad Ms. Hibiya.)
      Hideki: Huh? Ahh! M-m-m-miss manager?! What on earth are you doing here?!
      (Ms. Shimizu crawls out of Hideki's closet half-naked)
      Hideki: Ahhhhh! (gets nosebleed and falls back) But..what the heck has suddenly come over all of you?
      (While Ms. Hibiya and Ms. Shimizu glare at Hideki, Yumi nudges Hideki from behind.)
      Hideki: Huh?
      Hideki: Do... (Hideki gets another nosebleed and falls back again) What on earth's going on?

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