Season 1 Episode 102

Minoru and Yuzuki Chat (RECAP)

Aired Unknown Jul 30, 2002 on

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  • Was it really necessary? Probably the weakest of the three recap episodes.

    This is another flashback episode in the series in the context of Minoru and Yuzuki researching what they've known so far. About 1-2 minutes of each episode is recapped, unfortunately their choice of recap material consists of an extended clip of the climax of each episode.

    For instance, when Chi goes to the ocean, the recap clip consists of the part where Chi falls in and Hideki goes after her. Then in Chi Confirms (the haunted room one, one of my personal favorites), only the section where Chi opens up the door and plot spoiler is given attention. Similarly, In the Chi / Brave Quest episode, just the RPG boss battle is shown.

    Those scenes only establish the power aspects of Chi, and not much on her personality or her everyday relations with Hideki and the rest of the gang. I suppose it fits in the research context.

    It might have been nice to include this episodes in the DVD with the regular episodes, but it hardly contributes anything new to the series or makes you want to relive the older episode moments. About the only new information I got was that Minoru remarks in the RPG one that Chi's RPG character had zero experience points.