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  • EPIC!

    It's an action packed, romantic, tear-jerker! An awesome ending! I love it!
  • This anime is also a delight to the vision and brings the vibrant characters to life.I personally suggest reading the manga first as it explains more nuances of the plot, but both were amazing.

    Let's just say I got hooked. The series starts off with an entertaining introduction of Hideki Motosuwa, a farm boy-gone-college prep student who buys a new apartment in Tokyo. Immediately he's immersed into a new and surprising world filled with persecoms-humanoid computers who carry out amazing tasks for their owners: email, phone calls, list making, schedules, education, entertainment, careers, labor, etc. Unexpectedly, he discovers a persecom lying in the dumpster outside his apartment, and after discovering a peculiar "on switch" between her legs, he is able to reboot her. The persecom is eventually found to be quite unusual-she has no memory, no accessible operating system, she crashes every persecom she is connected to, and she has no sense of vocabulary or knowledge of everyday tasks. Much of the season follows the pair as Hideki attempts to teach Chi how to operate in daily life while juggling a job and studying at prep school. In addition, he tries to find out more about her origins and inner workings with the help of some tech-savvy friends, who suspect Chi could possibly be a Chobit-A legendary persecom possessing true emotions and therefore is fully sentient. As the plot progresses Hikedi's feelings towards the dynamic, innocent Chi complicate as he finds it harder and harder to think of her as "just a machine" and she constantly strives to make Hideki happy. This inner turmoil is further delved into as Hideki discovers the persecom-tangled pasts of his friends and their individual coping with emotional connections to humanoid computers. After several mishaps, mysterious images, and messages from a strange picture book that seems to be written about Chi, it becomes evident that the rare persecom is very special indeed. A theme begins to hover around Chi and her past: a need to find true love, the one "for me and only me." It is soon revealed that Chi had a twin sister created in her past life by the creator of all persecoms, who made these two "daughters" for his wife-now a landlady at Hideki's apartment builiding. Freya, the first daughter, was made with the capacity to find true love and subsequently falls in love with the man who created her, which causes her so much sadness that a sister is created named Elda, now called Chi. Even so, Freya soon dies of sadness; Chi takes Freya's heart and memories inside her body and soon crashes herself, begging to start a new life where she can find her true love. If she fails, her creator gives her a gift: a program that will destroy the face-recognition of all persecoms so that they will never feel the anguish of unrequited love. The drama climaxes when Chi, told by Freya within her-and Hikedi, told by the landlady, both discover Chi's past. Chi asks Hideki if she is the one for "Hideki and only Hideki" and he hesitates to reply, thinking carefully.
    Here the plot splits. In the manga, Hideki says yes and Freya suddenly takes Chi's place, asking Hideki if he also "wants" Chi. She then warns him that he will never be able to make love to Chi because of the location of her rebooting switch, and Hideki says he cares about Chi too much to let that setback affect his love. Freya becomes Chi again and the program does not have to be run, letting Hideki live happily ever after with Chi and giving hope for love to all other persecoms.
    In the anime, there is no mention of the rebooting switch, but previous lines (appearing both in the manga and anime) such as "only the one for me and only me can come inside" makes the reader/watcher question whether Hideki will be able to love Chi with both heart and body; however there is no clear answer. When Hideki tells Chi that he requites her love, she rises into the sky and begins to start a program; in the anime, there is another aspect to the gift the creator gave her that one assumes will better all persecoms. When she is attempted to be stopped by a government security persecom Chi shuts down and Freya takes over, explaining that Chi had doubts and canceled the program. Seeing the mission had failed, the landlady clears all data from the persecom, much to the despair of Hideki, and plans to destroy the late Chi/Freya. However, as they are walking away, Hideki talks about how much he just wanted Chi to be happy, and somewhere inside she hears and returns to her body. With this joyous event the program is run and every persecom in the world is given the gift to truly love and find love, and there is still the happy ending.
  • chobits shows that true love can come from anyone or anything in a way. long as it looks human i guess.

    the humor in this will make u laugh so hard your butt will come off. XD plus the drama and true love and good times that all the charaters share is truely wonderful. how u can fall in love with anyone no matter their age or even if thier human. its anime with a perverted sense that you will just love to death.(but please don't kill it) XD too bad theres only 24 episodes. wish they made more. when you watch this you will to. its hard to come by a show like this no a days. so ya better watch it quick while its still on.
  • Hideki knows nothing of technology and moves to the city to prep for college. He finds a girl in the trash and finds out that she is a Persacom. She is named Chi and she and Hideki go through the days learning from each other about feelings and life.

    I was iffy when a friend suggested the show to me: but I really liked it off the start with how funny it was. Hideki was so used to little technology and being a prude basically that he found trouble or confusion around every turn. The first half of the series was good. The story went along well and the characters were finding a good fit together. But then the second half came along and trouble comes along when Chi kept going A-Wall. I could kind of see how Hideki could fall in love with Chi since she is special as a Chobit, but that means he is a virgin for life, which to me is very mockable. Also, the season ended badly and I didn't really like how Hideki fell in love with a computer; it's just shameful. Overall this is a decent show, especially for those really into a reserved and strange love anime.
  • A funny, light-hearted show that as it progresses; tackles some difficult questions. A must watch.

    Chobits comes from the amazing Anime authoring team of CLAMP and they have done it once again. Chobits is one of the best Anime shows I have seen and it is a true classic. It features everything you could want in this type of Anime and the whole setting really draws you into it.

    Story 9/10:
    The story of Chobits is set around a yung man named Hideki who is working hard in a cram school to make it into college next year. On his way home one day he finds a persocom in the trash. Persocoms are advanced computers that take on the shape of humans and can do almost anything. Once Hideki has taken the persocom home he finds that whilst she is cute, she has no data left in her and can only say "Chi" and as a result it is what Hideki names her. Hideki then keeps her and teaches her how to speak and about th world while working a job to pay his rent and study at school. Can Chi find the one just for her?

    Characters 10/10:
    Rarely do you find a cast of such interesting characters all in one show. You really feel for all of the characters which shows what a good job was done in creating them. The main character of the story, Hideki, as previously mentioned is studying to get into a College. He's a fairly typical 18 year old male, but everyone sees him as a really good guy, if a bit perverted... Chi, the persocom Hideki finds in the trash is a truly loveable character mostly due to her helplessness and innocence in the world. You can't help but fall in love with her. You then have some minor characters such as Shinbo, Hideki's friend from prep school and his mobile Persocom Summomo. You will also meet a wide cast of other characters who really bring this anime together.

    Animation 9.5/10:
    The animation is done exceedingly well and it never feels tedious watching the show. All the characters look great and have their own unique style and physical attributes. Chi especially has been drawn to look super-cute and has easily achieved that goal. The scenery and backgrounds have been draw well too and it really brings you into the atmosphere of a busy Japanese city. Ocasionally you will find that humans in the series eyes look a little blank, a very minor thing and it was possibly for the better anyway.

    Music 9.5/10:
    Opening theme is one of my favourites, it is "let me be with you" by Round Table. The closing theme is nice too, but it changes in the second half of the episodes and I find the newer one a little boring. Sound effects and background music are all done well, but nothing amazing. The voice acting is great though and each character seems to have the perfect voice for them.

    Total 9.7/10:
    Chobits is a fantastic anime series and a must watch. It really excels in all areas and you're only denying yourself if you haven't seen it yet. Although classifed as science-fiction, which it is in some ways, it is more a romantic comedy type of anime with some more serious aspects thrown in. One reason why I liked it so much!
  • Chobits showed that true love exists everywhere.

    This show is about a poor, eighteen year old farmer boy named Hideki, who goes to highschool hoping to get into college with the little money he has. He moves into an apartment, gets a job, and then something he never would've expected to find appears in front of him. Hideki finds a persocon, a very powerful robotic object, that resembles a human in many ways. Persocons can help you with your daily life, but the one he finds ends up being a very strong, one-of-a-kind Chobit named Chi. With Chi, he enters a new life, where he teaches her about the world around her, and about friendship. But what he doesn't know is that she has the power to destroy all the persocons around her, and destroy her memory if she doesn't find "the one just for her". Though can persocons really love? What he experiences with Chi, does he really treasure it as much as he would treasure the moments he shared with a human he truly loves? The answers are revealed in the last episode showing feelings that never even seemed possible, unless they were in a strange dream...
  • 10
    Chobits is my favorite show, nothing and i mean nothing i ever watch ever match up to it. Every episode is funny because of the constant embarrasment for Hideki. Chi is very cute and innocent. The plot itself is a masterpeice unlike most anime which only concetrate on the main character. All characters in Chobits has a personal story to tell like Chi's boss or Hideki's teacher and his friend all has a story to tell. The episode can get very repetitive and some feel like filers but all in all is still one of my favorites. I reccomend to anyone who like romance or comedy 10/10 perfect.
  • Not one of my favourite, but a decent anime

    Chobits is the story of a boy, Motosuwa Hideki, who goes to Tokyo to study for his entrance exams. At this time, people connect to the internet through robots called Persocons, who look just like women except with different ears. Motosuwa really wants one, but unfortunately doesn't have enough money to buy one. One night, as he is walking home, he finds one lying in a trash pile and decides to take her home. As it turns out, the Persocon he found is special, and may actually be one of the legendary Chobits, specially made persocons that have free will. He names her Chii because that is the only word she can say and begins teaching her about the world.
  • Such an enjoyable heartwarming anime!

    I read about this anime on a website that my friend sent me and it looked very interesting so I remembered it but then I forgot the title but luckaly later, I was able to find it again. I saw that the whole series was on YouTube so I watched it and I loved it. In the first few episodes, it is very cute and hilarious then later, you find out more about each charactor (aside from Hideki who's origin was already explained in episode 1). It gets very interesting and there are dark stories too that are sad but then all the charactors end up being happy. The last episode was very cute and enjoyable! This is one of the most enjoyable animes that I've seen yet. If you love animes that are cute, hilarious and have a beautiful story and you are at least 14 or older then this is anime is a must see for you. I think Chii is one of the most adorable anime charactors ever. The 'Chibits' mini-special is hilarious too and you'll love it if you love 'Chobits'. I would love to see a sequel to this anime as long as it doesn't do anything that ruins it.
  • Chobits is the most influential work, so far, in my life. There is so much to write about that I really can't fit it all in one review. 9 paragraphs 973 words.

    I realize that most people believe there probably are manga series much better than Chobits, but this is still, so far, the best anything I've ever read, and will remain a great influence on my life until some other new thing changes it again, which is probably going to happen...I month or maybe next year. But anyways, the instant I picked up the first volume, I was hooked. By the time I had finished, I was dazed.

    I realize I'm supposed to be writing about the anime series, which is actually quite different from the manga series. However, there are enough similarities that what I talk about applies to both.

    The first apparent thing is that Chi is incredibly hot. I can, of course, find many imperfections in her face, but she's still more perfect than anyone I've met, seen, heard of or imagined. It is interesting that this is the first time I'm actually attracted to anyone who appears to be younger than me; for the most part, I prefer the experienced, sophisticated face (which we do see in Freya, whom I found a greater attraction to later) to the naive, gentle one. It's rather interesting how when you rate a girl "perfect" the girl who you used to think is perfect is no longer perfect.

    You can call her a dimwit, but she's no more than a newborn baby and babies don't learn to speak in a week. We are only introduced to her previous self at the end and only find out a little about Elda, but Elda is definitely no dimwit; we can expect Chi to catch up. We see her passion for learning immediately as she immitates Hideki and asks about every word she doesn't understand. What she lacks is human common sense (I lack that too but I've some at least; lol!), which other persocoms seem to have. Although she is unable to hold any intelligent conversation yet, I'm sure that she'll manage after a few years with Hideki, who is a dork himself, but still an able teacher.

    And then you have Freya, who actually does feel emotions (she says she doesn't, but she shut herself down on her own accord, which was something she was not programmed to do; love causes pain), is a guiding spirit: wise, gentle and mature, which is a difficult combination. Freya does everything possible to help Chi and is able to endure all of her pain with no hope for her own future. Her final words to Hideki definitely demonstrate that her primary concern is for the welfare of Hideki and Chi, that she is able to put aside her own troubles and do what's best for others (wow, that's difficult). I believe Freya is even more beautiful than Chi, simply because she looks so much more mature.

    I'll put both Chi and Freya at an IQ of 1000 and an EQ of 4000; this is no exaggeration. IQ is one's intellectual age divided by one's actual age, then multiplied by 100. Chi have only been alive for about 6 months and she has at least 5 years of knowledge, if not 10. Freya, I'm assuming, has been around for about 5 years and definitely is as wise, if not wiser, than a human at the age of 50. If they were to take IQ tests, I'm positive they would be off the charts. As for EQ, Chi, at 6 months of age, has experienced love and pain, which some girls feel at the age of 20 (the dating that happens at the age of 15 doesn't usually produce the intense love Chi feels for Hideki). Freya has loved, attempted suicide, learned and accepted. She is beyond happiness already, and guides Chi to her happiness. That is something even I am not yet capable of.

    It is interesting how the manga and the anime's endings are entirely different. The manga is an acceptance of love and a lesson Freya teaches Hideki; the anime is an act of fear and loss that turns into acceptance. I wasn't entirely happy with either ending even though they were both meant to be happy. It was sad, sad that Freya did her best and received nothing; Freya guided both Chi and Hideki to happiness. Although Freya was beyond all hopes of being happy ever again, it would have been nice had any character actually shown some appreciation for what Freya actually did.

    I'd seen awhile ago the idea that machines can think for themselves to a point at which they almost seemed human; that idea was very scary. However, the idea of love between a persocom and a human made it even more scary. The main thing I was debating when reading Chobits (I watched the anime afterwards) was whether or not Chi and Freya actually had emotions. Although Freya said in the end that they don't, that could have merely been a test to see how devoted Hideki is to Chi. nevertheless, even if it isn't love, it still hurts the persocom's heart, and what they do is real enough to convince us that persocoms feel emotions.

    Chobits still haunts me as a beautiful nightmare. Ghosts and zombies aren't actually scary; they may be for a short while. The next day, you forget about'em. However, losing one's mind can actually be scary. If I understood the mental state of the Virginia Tech guy, I think I would be scared. With the difference between humans and machines thinning, it is scary to actually love a machine. With virtual reality a possibility, it is scary that one can lose his life completely in the system. However, I cannot forget the world of dreams Chobits opened up for me. I live in dreams often when reality bites. Dreaming of Chobits is both scary and beautiful.
  • Very nice and clean series.

    I love the way it all rolls into one. To me it's a little different than what I usually watch. Like Elfen Lied they are two way different animes but at the same time this anime make alot of sense and is a very great family classic.
    Very spetacular and I hope to watch it over and over again in the future. It is just as great as the manga version, to me. There were a few off spots but in the end it was a classic. This is why I give it a 9.9 rating. I reccomend this anime to anyone and EVERYONE ! :]
  • Great series in my opinion-

    Chobits is a great series, especially for people who like cute things. The relationship between Chi and Hideki (pardon if spelt wrong please) is interesting because it's almost sappy at times, but comical too. I felt that Chobits was one of those series that I could step away from for a while without it plaguing my mind if I didn't know what happened next right at that very moment, so it was a nice breather for me. Though I thought that there were some abnormalities with a couple characters in the English cast, it was very well done, especially the innocence and confusion that lied in Chi's character. If nothing else, the theme song is defiently one that gets stuck in your head and topples your rocker. Over all, I would give this series a A+ for just being calm and sweet while interesting. It's very original and the story is easy to follow.
  • The story of Hideki, a Modern Japanese boy, who finds a Persocom, which he names Chii, in the trash.

    Chobits is a wonderful story with love, magic, and meaning. The story takes place in Japan, where Hideki recently moved to. In the city that he moved to, he discovers that a highly advanced robot, known as a Persocom, are a major part of society.He learns about their abilities, and immediatly becomes interested. But he knows that he could never afford one. But what luck! That night, he finds a Persocom, abandoned in the trash. he takes her home, but finds out that she is quite faulty, but somehow has a learning system installed, and begins to teach her. Later in the series, Hideki falls in love with her, and tries to find out if it is ethical to be in love with a persocom.

    All in all, it is a wonderful series, and a must-see for an older (and more mature) crowd.
  • Chobits is a Japanese manga & anime series created by CLAMP. Unlike most CLAMP stories, Chobits is a seinen series, specifically of da magical girlfriend variety. da manga is set in da same universe as Angelic Layer(A.L)& takes place a few years after A.L

    The story centers on the life of Hideki Motosuwa, a repeat student (rônin) attempting to qualify for university by studying at the Seki prep school in Tokyo. An honest and unassuming teenager raised on a farm, he has little experience with women, though his imagination and libido are both quite active. Besides a girlfriend, the other thing he dreams of having is a Persocom. A Persocom is an android used as a personal computer. Hideki discovers that Persocoms are commonplace in the city, as they can assist their owners in many ways, but Persocoms are extremely expensive and Hideki has no money, so he figures the only way he will ever have one is if he were to find one lying on the curb.No sooner has he thought this than it happens: on his way home from the grocery store one evening, he stumbles across a Persocom in the form of a nude, beautiful young girl with long blonde hair, wrapped in white cloth, lying against a pile of trash bags. He first thinks this to be a murder but, realizing she was a Persocom, he carries her home. At first, he has trouble turning her on and looks for a switch. He looks all over her body, and finally finds it between her legs. When he presses it, she turns on, and instantly regards Hideki with adoration. When he questions her, the only word she seems capable of saying is "chi", and thus he names her Chi.Hideki finds a book on Persocoms, and follows its basic instructions only to find that Chi apparently has no data installed. He asks his techno-savvy friend, Hiromu Shimbo, to help him out. When Shimbo learns that Chi read as having no data, he remarks that if she had no operating system, she could not function at all, let alone move or speak. He hooks up his laptop Persocom, Plum, to Chi to do a basic examination, only to have Plum malfunction. From this, Shimbo angrily determines that Chi must be a powerful custom-made Persocom.
  • Read my Review

    What i think of this anime is that Hideki (main character) falls in love with a artificial human called persocom... that is just messed up, he needs a real girl. 2nd, Yumi falls in love with a man twice his age... WTF IS THAT?? 3rd his best friend hooks up with his teacher.. omg wtf is going on??? Hideki has crushes on Yumi and his teacher.. He gets no girls and stuck with being a virgin for the rest of his life. I mean he could of gotten the Yumi since she showed some interest in Hideki. A world of persocoms is a really messed up world. Every1 is hooking up with their persocoms, besides all that i think it has a good storyline.
  • love it, learning Japanese myself, i watch the japanese version

    strange yet oh so, funny, love it..... ..... .... ... ... .... but then i my self am a pretty strange creature, chii is funny and sumomo is my fave, why is hideki motsuwa wierd?
    and why are you reading what i write?ask your self that.... and then think to your self is this person legally sane? anyway love the show great animation strange plot still working on figuring it out and thinking of buying the series, i have two of the graphic novels, are they good????
    good bye now strange people who just wasted about 40 precious seconds reading this load of poo.
  • This series is... well, it's hard to just say it like it is. I suppose in short it's a great show...

    I saw my sister watching some sort of anime I'd never heard of, so I decided to take a look-see, and before I knew it I found myself watching the episodes to catch up to her.
    This was an excellent series... It was fun, cute, a bit perverse, and quite suspenseful at times. The ending was quite touching. The series sort of gets you thinking about if people would or wouldn't be attracted to robots if there was that kind of technology. An interesting anime indeed. I would have liked another season or perhaps just a few more episodes, but I suppose that's not going to happen.
  • Please refer to the above summary...thank you.

    Oh man. This is one of those great series that only seems to come around every once in a while, and you feel sad when it ends, but glad that it ended nicely. This whole story was able to keep my attention until the end(which was kinda brief but beautiful). The main character is quite confused throughout most of the story and he is twisted up pretty bad inside. He finds Chi, a persecom, and ends up having very conflicting emotions about her and many other girls that he knows. It is actually hard for me to describe this series well, but I think it is a very nice story. It is very funny at times and very...hmmm...i guess romantic at other times. I highly recommend this show!
  • About a farmer/teenager named Hideki who gets rejected from a college, so he goes to a prep school in Tokyo, and there he sees persacoms, and thinks he must have one. He finds a cute one and takes it home, and from there has many adventures with it.

    I loved this short little series! The whole "underpants" thing was really funny, and so was the whole show. I loved the animation of the show, and the story line was a little hard to understand for me, but in all I really really liked it. It's one of my favorite animes now, having seen the whole series. I wish they'd make another season, and I think everybody else who has watched this show does too, but I don't think it's coming anytime soon. Chi is so lovable, but I think shes more like a pet than a person though. So, overall, my comments about this show are positive!
  • In a world with persocons, AI robots that act like companions and personal computers, Hideki is jealous as he doesn't have one; that is, until he finds a trashed persocon on the side of a road.

    A romantic adventure with an android seems pretty strange, but Chobits captures both the reality of artificial intelligence and the bliss and angst of a romance. Chii is an extraordinarily original character; in fact, she is activated with practically no character at all, and slowly "learns" her own personality. By just reviewing the first and last episode, we can see the contrast and development of Chii's beginning innocence, to her falling in love with a human being. Hideki is also a character of originality, and doesn't change his mind unlike many anime main characters do. The ending is tearful and wonderfully planned out, and its twists and revelations makes you just eager to watch the next episode. Recommended.
  • I realy like this show !!!! It's a cute Anime !!! Kawaii !!! Even dow this is not famous arround the globe , it is a verry good !!! A cute , romantic , tear droping show !!! The last ep is verry good !!! I sugest you guy's to try to wach it !!! Nice !!!

    I realy like this show !!!! It's a cute Anime !!! Kawaii !!! Even dow this is not famous around the globe , it is verry good !!! A cute , romantic , tear droping show !!! The last ep Is verry good !!! I sugest you guy's to try to wach it !!! it is a cool anime which it's about a 21 year old college guy name Hikeki . he comes from a farm ??? And he moved to tokyo then he could go to Tokyo U ... He wanted a Perscom but he dident have the some neaded to bye a perscom ... Instead , he took one from the garbage ... ^.^ But then whe discover that it was not an ordinary perscom , it was a legendary Chobit !!!
  • This is such a cute animie!! CHI ROCKS!!

    Hideki Motosuwa, is a young student wanting to go into college, so he moves to Tokyo. While in teh city, he sees that many people have persocoms, which are human computers. He's interested in getting one, until he sees the price for one. He freaks out and heads for his townhouse. While shopping for grocies, he heads home and finds a girl tossed in the garbage. Then he finds out that she's a persocom, he takes her back home, and tries to see how they work. Hideki tries to find out how they work, so he gets help from anyone who offers it to him. He is warned not to fall in love with Chi, no matter what she does, or how cute she is. He finds out that Chi has an interesting past.
  • A show about a teenage boy Hideki (spelling ?) who found a Persocon, kinda like a robot with artificial intelegance, Chii. She was a particualrly cute persocon, and Hideki beeing shy around attractive woman is struggling to help her regain her mentality.

    With little action,(so far) it gets most of its appeal through mild comedy, sitcom effect and sexuality. Not that there is anything wrong with that, i mean so what if its a provacative anime show... despite its lack of action, it does have a pretty neat storyline to it and i look forward to seeing more of it in the furture. Think of this show as a mix of Fooly Cooly, Ghost in the Shell, hentai, and just teenage japanese youths. A certine randomness to it like fooly cooly. Artificial intelegance, like ghost in the shell. provocative, hentai. And the last is self explanitory. As far as anime artistry goes this is a great show in that respect also. Definitely worth the watch(if you can stand little action, also if you can read subtitles and watch at the same time).
  • Chobits...

    This is sad,funny,and love story anime...
    yeah some kind romantic person can watch this show...
    not guy like me...:)
    But i don't know about this show....
    I don't know,
    the character ermm...
    maybe some kind cute(the girl):p
    ermmm.... what is this?
    i don't know what i write about this show?
    haha....? i such as stupid person... duh... :(
  • Persacoms are so cool! This show makes me wish they were real, especially the mobile units!

    No one knows I watch this because I am a girl and I think it is just weird that I watch it myself, but a lot of parts of it make me giggle or laugh really loudly and some parts just make me think that guys are so incredibly stupid and think girls mean things they don't. It's really funny but weird at the same time. I don't really like the factor of the guys encouraging Hideki to lose his virginity but man is a guy like that one in a million! This show shows you how stupid guys can be, but not all guys are like Hideki and his friends.
  • Boy finds girl, boy "turns her on", Girl causes a lot of trouble.

    Chobits is the story of a 20ish year old cram school student named Hideki who finds a human sized computer called a "Persocom". As it turns out the computer doesn't have any data on it. Or so he thinks. After the computer is "turned" on the only thing it is able to say is "chi", so Hideki decides to name her that. The series consists of 7 DVD’s and the manga also has 8 volumes to it. All in all the series is great. Although it can get annoying at times when all the computer says is "Chi". But still, great series.
  • i belive this show is one of the greatest things to come from the land of the rising sun tv wise for a long while this show is a brethe of fresh air to the streo types of jappenese cartoons

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  • great show!

    i think this show is very well thought!well actually it's the manga that was mainly originated. but still this show makes you think about life and what it would be like to have these experiences. along with the comedy here it's entertaining and maybe educational? lol well it is! i mean look at it. if they made robots in the future, would they replace the lives of humans? i think that's the main point of this series.
  • Another great work from Clamp!

    As a big fan of almost all of Clamp's works, this is certainly my kind of show. The story line is one that is used so many times in shows, but still Clamp has given it that edge of originality. The show was a wonderful interpretation to the manga. The characters are wonderfully thought out, and the animation is great. The show does have it's awkward moments, however, and this forced me to be a closet viewer of sorts, to spare myself the embarassment of my family thinking I was watching some sort of hentai:). Overall, it is an adorable love story. I recommend it to anyone!
  • Hedeki finds a persocom in the trash, he names it Chi. It makes my laugh. It's just that simple!

    I love this show because it's so original and has a bunch of entertainment in it. So very original! I loved the manga and I love the show. I even bought all the episodes before actually watching any... just a gut feeling I guess. me = :D
    ((I really have no idea what to say... if you could not tell)). Err... you have to love Hedeki, especially in the first episodes where he just randomly yells out "I want to download the latest porn!" and everyone around him just stares and backs away scared. Top of my list (somewhere) for sure.
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