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  • A funny, light-hearted show that as it progresses; tackles some difficult questions. A must watch.

    Chobits comes from the amazing Anime authoring team of CLAMP and they have done it once again. Chobits is one of the best Anime shows I have seen and it is a true classic. It features everything you could want in this type of Anime and the whole setting really draws you into it.

    Story 9/10:
    The story of Chobits is set around a yung man named Hideki who is working hard in a cram school to make it into college next year. On his way home one day he finds a persocom in the trash. Persocoms are advanced computers that take on the shape of humans and can do almost anything. Once Hideki has taken the persocom home he finds that whilst she is cute, she has no data left in her and can only say "Chi" and as a result it is what Hideki names her. Hideki then keeps her and teaches her how to speak and about th world while working a job to pay his rent and study at school. Can Chi find the one just for her?

    Characters 10/10:
    Rarely do you find a cast of such interesting characters all in one show. You really feel for all of the characters which shows what a good job was done in creating them. The main character of the story, Hideki, as previously mentioned is studying to get into a College. He's a fairly typical 18 year old male, but everyone sees him as a really good guy, if a bit perverted... Chi, the persocom Hideki finds in the trash is a truly loveable character mostly due to her helplessness and innocence in the world. You can't help but fall in love with her. You then have some minor characters such as Shinbo, Hideki's friend from prep school and his mobile Persocom Summomo. You will also meet a wide cast of other characters who really bring this anime together.

    Animation 9.5/10:
    The animation is done exceedingly well and it never feels tedious watching the show. All the characters look great and have their own unique style and physical attributes. Chi especially has been drawn to look super-cute and has easily achieved that goal. The scenery and backgrounds have been draw well too and it really brings you into the atmosphere of a busy Japanese city. Ocasionally you will find that humans in the series eyes look a little blank, a very minor thing and it was possibly for the better anyway.

    Music 9.5/10:
    Opening theme is one of my favourites, it is "let me be with you" by Round Table. The closing theme is nice too, but it changes in the second half of the episodes and I find the newer one a little boring. Sound effects and background music are all done well, but nothing amazing. The voice acting is great though and each character seems to have the perfect voice for them.

    Total 9.7/10:
    Chobits is a fantastic anime series and a must watch. It really excels in all areas and you're only denying yourself if you haven't seen it yet. Although classifed as science-fiction, which it is in some ways, it is more a romantic comedy type of anime with some more serious aspects thrown in. One reason why I liked it so much!