Chocolate News

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Oct 15, 2008 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

For the pilot of Chocolate News, David Alan Grier started by talking about Hip-Hop and hows it has taken a turn for the worst. He says,"We should have seen the signs. Ice Cube went from 'kill' to 'Are We There yet'?! 50 cent is selling Vitamin Water?!! And Flavor Flav? Damn, damn, damn!!!"

The first skit of the night was a Maya Angelou interview (which was David Alan Grier dressed as Maya Angelou). The interviewer was asking questions while he made some ugly poses. She asked him/her about the poem he/she wrote for Obama. David/Maya then said a poem while striking some ugly poses and saying some jokes in the poem. Then the interviewer said, "you have also been asked to write a poem about John McCain if he should win the election. Would you like to share it?" David/Maya then stood up and began the poem. "President elect John McCain, AINT THIS A BITCH! Thank you."

The next skit was a rapper rapping to kids. It was basically him rapping to the baffled children while the dancers started doing the stripper dance. An interviewer asked a child what he learned. The child said, "I learned how a coochie twists!" The last skit was an agreement on the 'n' word. A made up African American organization was sitting with a group called "Caucasians for using the n word'. They said that white people could use the n word while black people could use any of the following (they then named a large list of words like 'Republican' and 'foam covered c*ck sucker') The Afro-American group shook hands with them and said thank you and called them all of the words mentioned. The Caucasian for n word group said "and thank you, nigger" The Afro American group got pissed off and started beating them up. The show closed with a short string of jokes by David Alan Grier.
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