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Damn, damn, damn!

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    [1]Oct 18, 2008
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    Not bad. I really enjoyed "Dr. Maya Angelou"s tribute to President-elects Obama and McCain, and I enjoyed his tribute to his late white correspondent (who just drew the most intriguing sets of assignments). And his historical retrospective on the first black candidate for U.S. president in 1932 (a campaign that lasted for seven and a half minutes). The n-word peace treaty seemed like a time waster and ... does getting half-aroused during Phat Man's "No Child Left Behind" sequence count as approval? I mean, it was funny and all, but for me it was more about the ... dancing.

    The monologue at the beginning was funny, and the show seems to have a great attitude. DAG seems to have recovered nicely from his pie-faced, semi-coherent and fatuous "Thank G-d You're Here" ridiculousness.

    I'll keep watching for awhile, see how it goes.
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    [2]Jan 2, 2009
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    DAG is so funny and talented but he has a tendency to get drunk and lose sight. I hope he can keep the show on, at least long enough to show up drunk again at Loveline and cry to Dr Drew.
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