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  • omg!!!!

    Take that whore off! Nothing but a prostitue most likely! And Dc looks like he has a case of the downs!!! God Almighty I pray every DAY and NIGHT take them off!!!get rid of that whore!!!
  • Great Show!

    Very entertaining and learning concept for the pre-school age children. To Super567: Your comments really show your stupidity, First of all you need more schooling: " I Been to trains" is usually spoken from a 3yr. old child. I bet you have watched the show more then once, and i doubt that your eyes bled or you shot yourself, and come on you actually wish people to die in a train derailment? Sounds like you have many issues other than stupidity. You use the word ***s and ***ed twice, guess what, your review shows you have no smarts at all.
  • i didn't know Disney was being underwritten by soul train

    This is awful, pointless, rabble, has no place in entertainment, except blooper reels. The poor unorganized group of children, that can't figure out what they are supposed to being the parents need to be evaluated if they let them on the set more than once. Are we so desperate to prove that urban techno rap has a place among our children as a learning tool.

    Do we really need to continue to lower the bar for the behavior expected of our children further. As if the general awful stereotypes being presented were insulting enough to the human race, NOW they are hacking the songs of the Disney classics from the 60's and 70's in the mix.

    The young lady performing has a beautiful voice, and although the performances of the sets they had were poorly written and awful, they were at least original and could be judged on their own merit and presentation.

    The butchering of the songs i listened to as a child being forced to fit into soul and hip hop genre physically turns my stomach and gets the Disney Channel turned off instantly.

    If the young lady wants to be a singer, be original, and get new management.
  • Disney smoked crack when they made this

    Seriously, A Train with Spoiled brats singing, thats really a retarded concept.

    First of all, the music in this show makes my want to Shoot myself.

    Next, is the cheap CGI, it really makes my Eyes bleed

    Why are they singing and dancing on a train, I Been to trains, and you dont Sing and Dance in it.

    I wish those retards could die in the 1982 Washington Metro train derailment.

  • Choo Choo Soul is the new revolution in Children's music!

    Choo Choo Soul is a breath of fresh air for the genre of Children's Music. A refreshingly hip duo teach children their ABC's, 1-2-3's and a multitude of other great lessons while keeping children moving and grooving! Genevieve has an incredibly soulful voice which reaches parents as well as children with her genuine and authentic style. DC is an amazing beat boxer and breakdancer which also appeals to children as well as adults. Disney hit it out of the park with this one. Beyond just a fantastic show, Choo Choo Soul tours live and spreads their amazing energy to happy fans that love to dance! We wish this show was a full 30-minutes!
  • Choo-choo soul is really cut but very uninteresting

    Sorry show fans but this show easily had to end, nice try on your addiction and wishes, but this show had to end and didn't seem like they made any 30 minute or longer episodes. Some of these new playhouse shows are really cheesy and insensible. But Mickey house club-house and little eighnstiens didn't really seem bad, I was worried they were going to be silly like these silly new playhouse disney episodes but they didn't really seem bad despite this show is cute, it's still not my favorites in my votes. I really wish they'll cancel this show and try something different or whatever that idom means....