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NBC (ended 1956)


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Broadcast from The Hudson Theater in New York City, the premise of the show had two teams of kids, "The Space Rangers" and "The Bronco Busters", trying to successfully complete zany stunts in the least ammount of time. The lucky members of the winning team earned points and won toy prizes. The show was created and produced by the radio and TV game show producing team of Mark Goodson & Bill Todman. This was Goodson-Todman Production's only show aimed at children. Broadcast history: NBC Saturday Mornings 01/07/1956 to 03/31/1956. The show was hosted by a very young Gene Rayburn. The announcer was veteran Paul Frees, who also did most of the male voices for Rocky and Bullwinkle. Frees also provided the voice for a very strange character on this show - Mr. Mischief. The "loser" of each game had a chance to earn points for his or her team by completing a stunt within a certain time limit. Mr. Mischief was a figure of an elf-like creature drawn in bas-relief on a wall with a moving jaw. He had a giant balloon in his mouth, and the contestant had to complete the stunt before Mr. Mischief could blow up and pop the balloon. The usual stunts were relatively easy to do, and one team always won within a reasonable period of time.moreless