Chop Cut Rebuild

FOX Sports Premiered Feb 01, 2004 In Season


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Chop Cut Rebuild

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Chop Cut Rebuild - is an automotive build / customization television series - featuring dazzling and conceptually daring automotive alteration projects. From barnyard strays to showroom queens, CCR has taken on some of the most intriguing build challenges ever profiled on television. Everything from a one of a kind novelty classic, to the zenith of custom hotrod speed goals the salt flats of Bonneville! Executive Producer/Producer Frank Sicoli stated, "Our target remains to create a unique and recognizable show… a kind of "Rockin – Documentary". To deliver the audience real technicians, real shops, real projects, real building objectives. We're not 'Reality TV' we're 'Real TV'. Chop Cut Rebuild delivers the blood, sweat, and gears of automotive content. No dysfunction – just an honest look at shop sense - without gimmickry."
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  • Poor Host Choise

    I've tried to watch CCR on several occasions and I have to agree with the previous review. The host is a poor choice for this show or any show. I wish he would "go with the flow and just go". His attempt at humor is very annoying which makes it frustrating to watch. This, combined with the number of project on the go at one time, makes this production unwatchable.

  • I like the idea for the show,its the host I could do without. Way to many projects going on at the same time.

    I like the idea for the show, it's the host I could do without. Way to many projects going on at the same time. There have been a number of these kind of programs that have popped up in the last couple of years. This is not the worst, but it is far from the best. Again my biggest issues is with the host. Why anyone would hire this clown to do anything is beyond me?!. What is even more anoying is this clown thinks he knows something about cars. If you have taken the time to watch just one episode you will see this guys know NOTHING about cars.


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