Chop Socky Chooks

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Chop Socky Chooks

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Chick P, KO Joe and Chuckie Chan are three heroes protecting the citizens of Wasabi World, a shopping mall type city that is ruled by the evil Dr. Wasabi. Each have spy technology, masterful martial arts skills and their own sense of style! These are some chickens you don't want to cross.
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  • good too watch at night

    even know its on at like 10 30 pm only and im really tired by then i still watch it :) its really funny and good too watch :)
  • Why So much hate?

    CSC was really, really, really, really funny show. Why did they take it off. it's such a funny show. The Ninja Chimps was so funny. Wasabi and the Chooks are funny too. Why can't Cartoon Network Bring it back?!
  • What the hell happened to Cartoon Network?

    This show was horrible. those protagonists looked nothing like chickens and it was really stale and unfunny. I was glad when they canceled it, it was stupid.
  • Hah, good thing it didn't last for alot of times!

    One of the horrible trash cartoons around, Chop Sockey Chooks recieves the title.

    Plot: This one has a simple plot. There's a villain that hates them, and tries to kill them. The villain always fail.

    Characters: They are really nonsensical, irritating. They have the agendas of a 7 year old. there's a parody of Jackie Chan here but also, it's a piece of a rotten trash.

    Humor/Action Value: No humor, no action value. The reason? The humor just plainly sucks and also the action.

    Art: Are those chickens? What are they? The art of the characters is really bad, but the animation and their movements are smooth.

    Overall: 0. This didn't lasted for years, and that proves how terrible this is.moreless
  • Watching Cartoon Network nowadays makes me cry...

    I'm not quite sure exactly what to say right now. I'm nearly speechless right now as I write this review. I've watched Cartoon Network transform from a great channel with superb, excellent shows that can only be described as pure gold, to just...a channel. I'm not even sure if I should call it "Cartoon" Network anymore, since it's now airing live action garbabe such as "Out of Jimmy's Head."

    Looking back at Cartoon Network's history, I remember the days when the shows they aired where the classic "Cartoon Cartoons." And who can forget "Cartoon Cartoon Fridays"? You got to admit, that was classic!

    I turn on my TV nowadays, and I see this junk on my television screen. Seriously, who comes up with these awful TV shows? "Chop Socky Chooks?" Who thought of this show? Why is this show even on the air? It's awful! I can't even stand to watch this show. If I were forced to watch it, I think I'd end up in the hospital with such a migraine. I simply cannot watch this show. I'm at the point where I can't even watch CN anymore.

    There's nothing else for me to say. I'll start watching Cartoon Network again when the "Cartoon Cartoons" logo comes across my screen.moreless

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failed crime, undercover cops, talking animals, Teen, high stake situations