Chop Socky Chooks

Season 1 Episode 3

Kobura Strikes

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Mar 21, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Kobura Strikes
A rival of Chuckie Chan comes to Wasabi World so that he can take him and the Chooks down.

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  • The first great episode of what might become a great new show! 8)

    I haven't had an easy time getting into this show. I've usually been playing my Nintendo DS, so my attention has only been 50% focused. Thankfully, I'm glad my attention was focused 100% this time because it showed a real sense of danger and the commitment Chuckie Chan must face off against: evils against his students and the rest of Wasabi World! As a young student, Chuckie Knew he was a great student with great skills, but had an overconfidence problem. Meanwhile, a fellow student named Kobe had an anger problem. To remedy this, their Sensei sends them on a task to teach them to control their emotions before their emotions control them. Chuckie plays fair and square, and Kobe tries to cheat, but Chuckie wins the first two challenges. On the third challenge, they must pluck a deadly cobra from the Pit of Doom! The situation is very dangerous, but Chuckie remembers what his master told him: he must not let emotions rule his mind. He must stay calm, relaxed, and not show his fear in order to pass. Chuckie succeeds but Kobe doesn't. He falls prey to the snake's venom, and becomes a bitter rival of Chuckie's. Many years later, Kobe has become Kobura and has grown in strength and power. He seeks out and strikes Chuckie with poisonous, deadly venom as retribution for now looking like a giant snake! Kobura tells Chuckie unless Chuckie can pass the three tests again under Kobura's revisions, he and his students will Never get the antidote to cure them! And they must get it by sun down! Even though Chuckie's mind is clouded, his path is clear. He rescues both Ko Joe and Chick Pea from certain doom. But now, Chuckie must pluck and defeat Kobura to get the antidote. At first, it seems like Chuckie can't beat Kobura with poison in his system, but he still remembers his old Master's words, and manages to beat Kobura once again, and saves his students while Kobura falls to his doom. Chuckie saved the day! This looks promising! Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless

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