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Hosted by Ted Allen, Chopped challenges four promising chefs to turn a selection of everyday ingredients into an extraordinary three-course meal. In each episode, four chefs compete. The show is divided into three rounds: Appetizer, Entrée and Dessert. In each round, the chefs are given a basket containing between three and five unrelated ingredients, and the dish each competitor prepares must contain all of these ingredients. The competitors are also given access to a pantry and refrigerator, which is stocked with a wide variety of other ingredients. Each round has a time limit: 20 minutes for the Appetizer round, and 30 minutes for the Entrée and Dessert rounds. The chefs must cook their dishes and plate them before the time runs out. After each round, a rotating round of culinary judges critique the dishes based on presentation, taste and creativity. The judges then decide which chef is "chopped," who is then eliminated from the competition. By the Dessert round, only two chefs remain. When deciding the winner, the judges consider not only the dessert course, but the entire meal presented by each chef as a whole. The winner of the competition receives a prize of $10,000.

  • Premier champion for charity

    Thought judges were bias having Scott win. He truly was not the winner in my opinion
  • Racist

    My wife and I have an ongoing bet that there will never be a black chef to win on chopped. They can be black and from England or France and possibly win but I have never seen a black man win chopped. This is very annoying. Black males are very excellent chefs. It's funny that the show only picks every ethnicity and race but African American. Even Hispanics have a better chance to win. Lastly, look at the panel of judges, where is the ethnicity other than Aaron Sanchez. I am very disappointed.moreless
  • Make a splash

    Ok so I have to say I am a huge, huge fan of chopped. I pray to be on the show one day. I watched the Make A Splash show and I must say that Chef Seamus Mullen is the worst judge I've seen so far. He had nothing positive to say on the show at all and he was extremely negative. I feel that Chopped is a show that yes you can win money but it's also a show that you can learn from the judges and instead of teaching and giving some sort of encouragement he was just extremely negative. I watch this show all the time and I pray I don't see him as a judge again. If you can please let the powers that be know that it would be greatly appreciated. Thank youmoreless
  • Chopped Junkie but ...

    I am a Chopped junkie!!! I love the show and the crazy ingredients that the chefs get in the baskets and their ingenuity at preparing something using the ingredients. But here is where I have a bone to pick with you. The chefs are told "you must use everything in your basket" but when one of the chefs omits an item they are not automatically chopped. In fact, sometimes they actually move on to the next round. If you say "MUST" then failure to do so is grounds for getting chopped. Ted has sometimes even said that failure to use all ingredients is NOT and automatic chop but I have seen shows where the reason the person was chopped despite having a better dish was because they omitted a basket ingredient. Far too inconsistent at times for me. Still love the show but revamping is necessary.moreless
  • bye bye chopped banned from our home have a criteria but do what you want not a good message for our house

    bye bye chopped banned from our home have a criteria but do what you want not a good message for our house

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