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Season 28 : Episode 14

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Season 28 : Episode 14

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Hosted by Ted Allen, Chopped challenges four promising chefs to turn a selection of everyday ingredients into an extraordinary three-course meal. In each episode, four chefs compete. The show is divided into three rounds; in each round, the chefs are given a basket containing between three and five unrelated ingredients, and the dish each competitor prepares must contain all of these ingredients. The competitors are also given access to a pantry and refrigerator, which is stocked with a wide variety of other ingredients. Each round is times, and the chefs must cook their dishes and plate them before the time elapses.
After each round, a rotating round of culinary judges critique the dishes based on presentation, taste and creativity. The judges then decide which chef is "chopped," and that chef is eliminated from the competition. By the Dessert round, only two chefs remain. When deciding the winner, the judges consider not only the dessert course, but the entire meal presented by each chef as a whole. The winner of the competition receives prize money, usually in the amount of $10,000.



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Fan Reviews (177)

  • No Salt, burnt food, you are white no problem!

    I have been binge watching this show and it is a shame how racist this show is. In one episode, one person served burnt potato, another added no salt to her lamb. The third person made a Bangladeshi curry, the best tasting bite according to judges, with peppers which masked the flavor of Rhubarb she was shown to have added to the dish. She get chopped for these reason and Mr Burnt and Ms No Salt proceed.

    In another episode, an Armenian creates the best lamb according to the judges themselves, the judges show other dishes having serious flaws such as raw meat, they chop the Armenian for adding mayo to his alioli.

    In yet another case, an Indian chef makes and presents the best dish per judges, other two have serious problems like omission on their dishes, the Indian chef gets chopped.

    In another, a black kid gets chopped in the final round when the competing dish is a mess.

    I mean the judges' decision should at least be consistent with their own critique! Or may be they should mention ethnicity in the critique openly and face up to it.

  • This is ridiculous!! Racist all the way!!

    The judges and the people behind the scenes are a bunch of racist bitches!! What's the point of having black people on there at all when u know they are not gonna win anyways. It's just to fill a space and make it look good for . Ur not fooling anybody losers. And they wonder why the bullshit in this country is getting no better.. Now I'm sure they are looking at the reviews and assuming everyone that's writing is black or Hispanic (whatever), well guess what I'm white as snow. I hate unfair bull and this needs to stop!! They need better judges period. Get some real people on the show that aren't bias assholes!!moreless
  • Racist!!!!!!

    Dude at first I was in denial but after the 3rd time watching this show it's very clear they are totally racist specially Chris Santos. Pretty ironic that's he's last name is Hispanic lol

    I'm a strong Latina women and people really need to get over themselves! Diversity is beautiful and makes the world go round!
  • So Disappointed!!!

    I really like this show but I am angry it is so racist!! I am white and recognize no matter how good the black contestants do they always get chopped!!! The show is getting old now because I can already choose the winner from the beginning. I am really disappointed in the show.
  • OMG I thought I was the only one!

    Yes this show is super racist. I stopped watching it after they eliminated the Armenian cook, it was just so ridiculous, he was the best, but I guess not white enough. No more chopped Netflix for me. I wasn't sure at first, I was, crap this looks odd, those people seem really racist, and I went to this website and yes I am not alone thinking those three judges are white trashes and garbages. I won't watch the show anymore and will discuss the racism piece of the show with friends. Disgusting. I can't even give it a 0 when this is what the show is worth.moreless

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