Season 15 Episode 3

Aussie Awesome

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2013 on Food Network

Episode Recap

Mai-Khanh "Maiki" Le is the chef de cuisine at Josie in Santa Monica, California.
Bruce Barber is a caterer with Aussie Chef Catering in Sherman Oaks, California.
McCaily Cranna is the sous chef at Hudson's on the Bend in Austin, Texas. 
Michael Bryant is the executive chef at Eva Restaurant in Los Angeles, California.
Appetizer Baskets:
Vegetable Yeast Spread
Gummy Snake 
Chef Bruce - Pan-Seared Barramundi with Gummy Snake Gastrique
Chef Maiki - Pan-Seared Barramundi with Gummy & Veggie Spread Brown Butter
Chef McCaily - Pan-Seared Barramundi with Gummy Snake Beurre Blanc
Chef Michael - Pan-Seared Barramundi with Sweet & Sour Sauce
Chef McCailey Cranna was chopped after the Appetizer round.
The judges noted that the sauce she made did not work.
Entrée Baskets:
Australian Beer
T-Bone Steak
Bosc Pears
Chocolate Biscuits 
Chef Bruce - Grilled Filet with Coffee Spice Rub
Chef Michael - Smoked Strip Loin with Mole Sauce
Chef Maiki - Spice Crusted Duo of Beef with Sautéed Bosc Pears 
Chef Bruce Barber was chopped after the Entrée round.
The judges explained that his meat was overcooked.
Dessert Baskets:
Lemon Verbena
Blueberry Pomegranate Lollies 
Chef Michael -Lemon Verbena Steamed Pudding with Wattleseed Espuma 
Chef Maiki - Lemon Verbena Mousseline with Lamington Croutons
Chef Michael Bryant was chopped after the Dessert round.
The judges cited the undercooked meat in his Entrée.
Chef Mai-Khanh "Maiki" Le won the $10,000 prize.