Season 9 Episode 13

Class Acts

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 22, 2011 on Food Network

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  • Response to OMG

    I am working on a blog and came across this...

    I'm Rhonda DeLoatch, one of the school chefs who appeared on "CHOPPED" I can assure you that none of us were compensated, other than Cheryl, of course. We were there to make an important point about school lunches, and how they can change, not to be involved in some obscure government conspiracy.
  • Best Episode Ever!


    I just saw the "Cafeteria Chefs" episode and hands down, it is the best episode of Chopped I've seen. There were so many positive messages in this show as well as some great cooking. No egos involved, just four women who have rightfully earned the title of "Chef" supporting each other because they all share the common goal of giving the children they serve healthy, filling lunches. I'm not sure I want to watch another episode of Chopped simply because all other competitors will seem petty in comparison. This one blew the lid off the stereotype of the "lunch lady" - and hopefully gave people an idea of what they're trying to do to take care of kids while they're at school. More episodes like this, please. Thanks!

  • omg


    this show made me sick to my stomach..I have no doubt these lunch ladies were paid to act in such a dramatic way..The brainwashing by our government has now infiltrated the lunch line and the shows I used to love to watch..

    Stooped to a new low..chopped

  • A tomato is a fruit not a vgetable.


    This episode was a good idea not very well executed. First we have the White House Chef refer to a tomato as a vegetable true they are good for you but they are fruits. The White House chef promotes many programs but the Food Network does not donate any money to these charities or programs. Not to say the contestants can not use the 10,000 dollars but it would seem that the Food Network would donate money to these charities or programs. During the episode every promotes healthing eating yet the meals contain anchoives which are very high in salt and the dessert round no care was given to healthy desserts. Frying was protrade as unhealthy however when done at proper tempertures very little oil is absorbed. The whole episode needed some editing and work.