Season 8 Episode 1

Easy Peasy?

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jul 12, 2011 on Food Network

Episode Recap

Andy Bates is the chef and owner of Eat My Pies in London.
Lotte Duncan is a chef, culinary instructor and television host of her own cooking shows in Buckinghamshire, U.K.
Tristan Welch is the chef patron at Launceston House in Kensington, London.
Jun Tanaka is the executive chef at Pearl Restaurant in London.
Appetizer Baskets:
Buffalo Hot Dogs
Butterscotch Candy
Chef Andy - Caramelized Buffalo Sausage Crostini
Chef Lotte - Cheesy Hot Dog Salad with Butterscotch Vinaigrette
Chef Tristan - Buffalo Hot Dog Ravioli
Chef Jun - Caramel Hot Dog with Pickled Carrots
Chef Tristan Welch was chopped after the Appetizer round.
The judges found his ideas creative, but that he did not truly highlight the mystery basket ingredients.
Entrée Baskets:
Pork Loin
Crunchy Cheese Curls
Chia Seeds
Chef Lotte - Chia & Cheese Curl Crusted Pork Loin
Chef Jun - Cheese Curl Crusted Pork Loin with Spittle
Chef Andy - Chia Crusted Pork with Escarole Salad
Chef Andy Bates was chopped after the Entrée round.
Though the judges enjoyed his pork, they did not find that the other elements worked on his dish. 
Dessert Baskets:
Grape Flavored Gelatin
Lemon Verbena
Shortbread Cookies
Chef Jun - Grape Jelly and Brie Financier
Chef Lotte - Brie Cheesecake and Grape Syllabub
Chef Lotte Duncan was chopped after the Dessert round.
The judges explained that the salad in her Appetizer was unevenly dressed; the pork in her Entrée was under seasoned; and the cheesecake crust in her Dessert did not work.
Chef Jun Tanaka won the $10,000 prize.

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