Season 12 Episode 12

Grill Masters: Part III

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2012 on Food Network

Episode Recap

Ernest Servantes is the executive chef at Texas Lutheran University and the barbecue pit master at Burn Bean Co. in New Braunfels, Texas.
Doug Keiles is a competitive barbecue champion and pit master with Ribs within BBQ Team in Hillsborough, New Jersey.
Robyn Lindars is a chef and the author of the "Grill Grrrl" food blog in Miami, Florida.
Timothy Grandinetti is the chef and restaurateur of Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Appetizer Baskets:
Hearts of Palm
Creamed Spinach
Duck Bacon
Chef Timothy - Oysters Rockefeller with Arugula Salad
Chef Robyn -Grilled Oysters with Sage Bacon & Spinach
Chef Ernest - Queso Funded with Hearts of Palm Pico de Gallo
Chef Doug - Smoked Oyster & Duck Bacon Spinach Salad
Chef Robyn Lindars was chopped after the Appetizer round.
The judges found that some of the oysters on her plate were not edible.
Entrée Baskets:
Puff Pastry Dough
Chef Ernest - Conejo Adobado with Succotash
Chef Doug - Grilled Rabbit Leg with Pineapple Salsa
Chef Timothy - Cumin-Dusted Rabbit with Pineapple Pastry
Chef Timothy Grandinetti was chopped after the Entrée round.
The judges explained that the components on his dish did not work well together.
Dessert Baskets:
Meyer Lemons
Charcoal Biscuits
Chef Doug - Deconstructed S'More with Charcoal Brittle
Chef Ernest - Capirotada con Calabaza
Chef Doug Keiles was chopped after the Dessert round.
The judges noted that he plated one oyster in his Appetizer; the rabbit was overcooked in his Entrée; and the caramel in his Dessert was tough to eat.
Chef Ernest Servantes won this round and advanced to the Grill Masters Tournament finale.